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Bug Removal - A Key Differentiator
It’s a love-hate relationship. We love bugs when they drive customers to our washes, and hate them when they refuse to leave the car without a fight. Like an illness, if... More »

Self-Serve Add-Ons - Increased Value, Increased Revenue
Self-service car wash owners/operators are continually looking for ways to provide increased value for their customers.

Commercial Work - Assess Each Opportunity Carefully
For many years, most of the work detail businesses did was for auto dealers who demanded quality work for a low price. The detail industry was, in a sense, a slave to the... More »

Manufacturers' Showcase

Impulse Items – April 2015
Car-Freshner Corporation Watertown, New York Founded more than 60 years ago, Car-Freshner Corporation is a global leader in automotive air fresheners. The company meets... More »

Impulse Items - April 2014
California Scents Irvine, California California Scents offers an array of air fresheners. Products are sold in car washes, car dealers, automotive stores, convenience... More »

  Profile in Success

A Cut Above
At first blush pairing a car wash/detail center with a barber shop doesn’t make much sense. The businesses have little in common and require completely different skill sets... More »