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The Lobby - Revenue and Profit Source
For many years the proposition of owning a car wash has been identified by the small business owner or entrepreneur as a very promising venture.

Wash Menu - Simple Changes Can Increase Revenue
Last year, at The Car Wash Show in Las Vegas, I met with a good friend of mine, Jeff Coplin, co-owner of Matt and Jeff’s Car Wash in Novato, CA. We were discussing how his... More »

At the Car Wash - Keys to Detailing Success
This month’s column is intended for the car wash owner who is considering offering or currently offers detailing services. Even if it is something that you have not... More »

Manufacturers' Showcase

California Scents Irvine, California California Scents offers an array of air fresheners. Products are sold in car washes, car dealers, automotive stores, convenience... More »

  Profile in Success

A Cut Above
At first blush pairing a car wash/detail center with a barber shop doesn’t make much sense. The businesses have little in common and require completely different skill sets... More »