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Weather Woes - Protect Your Wash Operations
Winter brings images of rosy cheeks and kids on toboggans. Unfortunately, it also brings severe winter storms just itching to do serious damage to your wash operations.... More »

Troubleshooting - Water Treatment Systems
Water is the lifeblood of the car wash. The systems to treat and supply this valuable resource must be understood and properly maintained. In this article, we will discuss... More »

Reclaim - Water Quality is Essential for Wash Success
With everything in life that you undertake there is a desired perfect outcome and abysmal failure of that outcome. There is an infinite number of degrees of successes and... More »

Industry Newsline

A final rule modifying EPA hazardous-waste management regulations for solvent-contaminated wipes has been published in the Federal Register. This is a measure the Textile... More »

Manufacturers' Showcase

Water Treatment - March 2020
PurClean / PurWater North Highlands, California  PurClean | PurWater has partnered with professional car wash OEMs and distributors around the globe to provide... More »

Water Treatment – March 2019
Con-Serv Manufacturing Lakeland, Florida Serving the vehicle wash industry for over 30 years, Con-Serv Manufacturing is a leading distributor of quality water systems. From... More »

Water Treatment – March 2018
FSHS Inc. Port Charlotte, Florida Since 1996, FSHS has been building high quality spot free/reverse osmosis equipment. With lab testing, computer design, and engineering,... More »

  Profile in Success

Extreme Clean
Dealing with a little dirt and grime is just part of the job when you are in the car wash business. But some washes get an unfair share of filthy, mud-covered vehicles and... More »

The Greenest Wash in Colorado
Rob Madrid has helped build dozens of washes and consulted on hundreds more, but the most environmentally friendly wash he has ever seen is his own.

Vendor News

Water Treatment – March 2016
PurWater North Highlands, California PurWater Recovery System has been an industry-leading provider of water treatment solutions for the professional car wash industry for... More »


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