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Building Your “A” Team - Hire Right – Employee Turnover Is Costly
One of the most important tasks of owning a business is hiring and training a team that will represent your business the way you want it to be represented.

Wash Volume Potential - Factors Are Many, Estimates Imprecise
Capture rate is commonly used to develop an estimate of the average number of customers a car wash operator expects to attract each day from pass-by highway traffic. It is a... More »

Insurance FAQ - Understanding Car Wash Property and Casualty Insurance
There are several types of property and casualty insurance coverage available to car care business owners, including property and liability insurance which may be purchased... More »

Manufacturers' Showcase

Cleaning You Softly - The Gentle Side of Automated Car Washes
The Holy Grail of the car wash industry has long been to deliver the cleanest possible vehicles to demanding customers in the gentlest, fastest, most profitable way.... More »

  Profile in Success

Changing With the World
The wants and needs of the American consumer are in a constant state of flux. However, over the past decade these changes have been so drastic that many industries have been... More »

Preparing For Takeoff
Every air traveler knows the feeling. You have made it to the airport, been through security, boarded the plane, and are sitting in your seat. The aircraft inches its way... More »

Into the Wild Blue Yonder
If you want to learn to fly, you need to strap yourself into the cockpit and man the controls.

Vendor News

Executive Forecast
Executives of four car wash equipment manufacturing companies agreed to participate in this year’s look ahead to what the following 12 months might hold for the industry. The... More »

Get Washed, a new mobile app, allows local car washes to expand their customer base and encourage customer loyalty by offering deals directly to users’ smartphones for a... More »


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