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Conversion - Self Serve to Mini Express
It was right around 2011 or 2012 that I started weighing out the advantages and/or disadvantage of selling my flagship car wash that was built and opened in August of 2004.

Carwash Academy - Education for Self-Serve Operators
As car wash technology and equipment transforms over time, and the car wash industry becomes more dynamic, there is a specific need to educate customers, potential investors,... More »

Good Design - It Is Good Business
Design is important, not only to those in the design business but also to business owners, customers, stockholders, manufacturers, and the like.

Manufacturers' Showcase

Cleaning You Softly - The Gentle Side of Automated Car Washes
The Holy Grail of the car wash industry has long been to deliver the cleanest possible vehicles to demanding customers in the gentlest, fastest, most profitable way.... More »

  Profile in Success

Showroom Finish
Sometimes operators find detailing, and sometimes detailing finds them. When Justin Labato got laid off from his job at a wood shop a decade ago he was like

Monument Building
The Wash Mahal. That is how a friend of Buz Knyal described Uptown Auto Spa. And it is hard to argue with the moniker.

Changing of the Guard
Convoy Hand Car Wash has been serving the people of San Diego for more than 30 years. The family-owned business built a loyal following over that time, but it was in need of... More »

Vendor News

Executive Forecast
Executives of four car wash equipment manufacturing companies agreed to participate in this year’s look ahead to what the following 12 months might hold for the industry. The... More »

Get Washed, a new mobile app, allows local car washes to expand their customer base and encourage customer loyalty by offering deals directly to users’ smartphones for a... More »


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