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Employee Compensation - What You Need to Know
It has been a common practice in the detail business to pay employees “by the car.” This means a certain price to detail the entire car, treating the employee like a... More »

Fleet Cards - Are You Playing With a Full Deck?
The contemporary payment card landscape can be bewildering once you leave the familiar neighborhood of the big four credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American... More »

Consolidation - Differentiation Discounted
One of the downsides of consolidation is it tends to wreck consumer markets. The tomato category has shown this over the past 15 years where lack of competition made big... More »

Manufacturers' Showcase

Cleaning You Softly - The Gentle Side of Automated Car Washes
The Holy Grail of the car wash industry has long been to deliver the cleanest possible vehicles to demanding customers in the gentlest, fastest, most profitable way.... More »

Profile in Success

Automated Future
Southern California is no longer synonymous with hand washing. With the price of labor steadily on the rise investors are increasingly turning toward automation in the Golden... More »

  Vendor News

Executive Forecast
Executives of four car wash equipment manufacturing companies agreed to participate in this year’s look ahead to what the following 12 months might hold for the industry. The... More »

Get Washed, a new mobile app, allows local car washes to expand their customer base and encourage customer loyalty by offering deals directly to users’ smartphones for a... More »

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MNEX22 Exhibition Video
ISTOBAL USA Corporation MNEX22 Automotive Cleaning Solutions