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Unitec of Elkridge, MD, a provider of advanced technology and services to the unattended and c‐store car wash market, has announced the launch of its newest service: Uptime Solutions™.

Tailored to the c‐store car wash market, Uptime Solutions employs a team of experts to monitor the status of car wash equipment and triage any issues. The service increases wash uptime, reduces unnecessary service provider site visits, and allows c‐store personnel to focus on in‐store sales.

When the Uptime Solutions team detects an issue at the wash, they will remotely provide a fix, advise store personnel on how to resolve the issue, or, if needed, engage the wash’s service provider for an on‐site visit. The team customizes a resolution process to the store’s staff and company policies and stays on top of each problem until it is resolved.

 “We have found that many c‐stores underestimate how often their washes are down and how much revenue is lost as a result,” said Unitec director of customer service Nancy Campbell, who leads the Uptime Solutions team. “They often don’t know the wash is down until a customer tells them.”

Unitec will also proactively perform wellness checks and work with c‐store personnel to ensure washes are prepared for below‐freezing temperatures. As a result, Uptime Solutions provides the most reliable method for getting and keeping a c‐store wash running. For more information visit


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