Car Wash Menu - Choose Static, Die Cut, Backlit, or Digital

By Bobby Jones


One of the most effective upselling strategies in menu design is focusing the majority of the sign on the top wash package. Visually representing all the services in the top package and minimizing the lower packages will lead to a higher conversion. It needs to be structured where customers can discern the value quickly and find the services that are important for them. By tagging the top package with lines such as “You get it all” or “Get the best and save” customers will spend the extra couple of dollars on the perceived value.


In addition to the menu, operators should leverage the area where customers are waiting in line to pitch the value of their wash packages. Die cut signs, rack cards, banners, and cone signs are all highly effective at drawing attention to your highest value package. Operators have a captive audience when they have a stack of cars waiting to pay, capitalize on this opportunity by marketing to them. When an effective menu design is paired with supporting promotional items it can be a home run for wash operators.


By now, it probably seems like everything, everyone, everywhere is going digital. But there are several reasons why businesses are moving to digital options, and the car wash industry is no different. By the year 2020, digital signage is projected to be a $20 billion industry on its own.

However, we’re not blindly following the crowd. There are multiple perks when you upgrade your car wash menus to a digital format. Here is why you should go digital:

Increased Sales

When customers purchase more, revenue increases. On average, digital signage increases sales by 31.8 percent. Incredible! Not only will more money come in, but a digital menu also brings a new level of efficiency to your business.

Easy Updating

Changing or updating signs will be much easier and your staff can spend more time in other areas of the job. Yes, digital signage requires an upfront investment, but once that initial cost is covered, you won’t have to pay for new signage every time you want to update the menu options.

Change Promotions Instantly

Digital signage means no more reprinting and much more brand consistency. No matter how often you change your promotions, you can easily change your digital menu to reflect the latest deal. You could even have deals at different times of the day and change the menu with the press of a button.

Higher Recall

Not only will customers be excited about new promotions, they are also much more likely to remember seeing them on a digital menu. In a survey, customers recalled 52 percent of what they saw on a digital sign, which is a higher recall rate than for TV, radio, online ads, print, and billboards.

Cut Perceived Wait Time

Use your digital menus to entertain and inform your customers through videos and photos. In general, digital signage makes customers feel as if they’ve waited for less time. Studies show that digital menus decrease perceived wait time by 35 percent, which means better reviews and more returning customers.


Bobby Jones is vice president of Warren, MI-based TSS Inc. You can contact him at bobby@tsscws.com, or visit the company on the web at www.tsscws.com.

Digital signage.The top package “Includes Everything.”Backlit signage.
Die-cut signage.The top package gets top billing.






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