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Auto Laundry News - June 2002

Features - June 2002

Focus on Your Customer
Customers: Just Bring Me More
Attracting more customers starts with analyzing how existing customers are handled.

Auto Detailing
Self-Service: It Isn't No Service
Self-service does not mean no service.

Focus on Reconditioning
Detail Chemicals: The Selection Process
Correct chemical selection is one of the most challenging tasks to master.

Focus on Fast Lube
Mix 'n' Match: Is a Lube Bay at
Your Self-Serve wash Right For You?

Converting a self-serve wash bay to a fast-lube operation is no longer a novelty.

A Matter of Finance
Financial Islands: Plan Well and
You'll Enjoy the Stay Without Worry

Plan well, and you'll enjoy your retirement stay in the "Financial Islands."

Expect the Unexpected
Chemicals Don't Always Act
the Way You Think They Should

Chemicals don't always act the way you think they should.

Manufacturers' Showcase
Self-Serve Equipment
Your annual guide to equipment and products for the self-service car wash.

Detailing Safety
Put You in Your Schedule: Taking
Care of You is Taking Care of Business

Taking care of you is taking care of business.

Profile in Success
Car Wash Coral: It's All Inside
All the self-serve facilities at this Canadian wash are indoors.

Fast Lube Expo 2002 Report Part II
Lube Expo Wrap Part II
A final look at the Automotive Oil Change Association's Reno event.

Car Care World Expo Review
Car Care World Expo Review Part I
The Chicago show attracted a larger than expected crowd.

Departments - June 2002

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Industry Newsline
Industry Newsline


Carwash Distributor's Guide
20 Years Ago in ALN
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