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Auto Laundry News - February 2002

Features - February 2002

Focus on Your Customer
Community: It's Your marketplace - Get Involved!
Your community is your marketplace - get involved!

Auto Detailing
Education: The Learning Never Stops
The Internet has opened up a wealth of training and educational resources.

Focus on Reconditioning
Upholstery: Clean Without Damaging
Identifying the nature of a stain helps you clean up without damaging fabric.

Focus on Fast Lube
Training: The Second
Most Important Factor in Profitability

Training keeps your business profitable.

A Matter of Finance
Plan It! Family Financial Thoughtfulness Month
With a little forethought you can make readily available all information required in case of a crisis.

Mobile Automotive Reconditioning
Automobile restoration services, among others, are highly appropriate for mobile operations.

Manufacturer's Showcase
Manufacturer's Showcase
A guide to detailing products for the professional detailer and the car wash operator.

Government Fleets: Opportunities Abound
How to get your share of this potentially huge revenue source.

The Car Care Indusrty Looks Ahead
Bill Sartor, president of the ICA, offers the association's view of 2002.

Profile in Success
Lessons Learned:
Theory Put to Successful Practice

Car wash moves from college business-plan theory to thriving reality in Georgia.

Departments - February 2002

Time and Again


Industry Newsline
Industry Newsline


Carwash Distributor's Guide
30 Years Ago in ALN
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