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Lube Programs

LubePro’s International
Cherry Valley, Illinois

Over the last quarter century LubePro’s has mastered the fast and professional oil change. Founder Phil Robinson revolutionized the quick lube process in 1978 by expanding on a technique he had witnessed on the West Coast. Robinson’s own innovations have since become the industry standard.

Advantages/Features • The 10-minute oil change features a 21-point inspection, vacuuming, and window washing. All technicians are experienced professionals — they recognize what needs to be done, and it takes them less time to get it done.

Customer/Operator Support • In-depth training is provided to help the operator get started and offer support as the business grows. Support services help the operator learn the business and train employees. All the operator has to focus on is the acquisition and servicing of clients.

Marketing Support • A copy of LubePro’s Confidential Operations and Sales Manual is provided. The manual contains a wealth of information about how to operate and grow a LubePro’s franchise. Business forms, marketing aids, sample advertising, promotional recommendations, pricing guides, and other important forms are provided.

Contact • LubePro’s International Inc., 1740 So. Bell School Road, Cherry Valley, IL 61016. (815) 332-9200. Toll free: (800) 654-LUBE (5823). Fax: (815) 332-9355. E-mail: Website:

Oilstop Drive-Thru Oil Change
Rohnert Park, California

Oilstop Drive-Thru Oil Change was founded in 1988 by Larry Dahl in Petaluma, CA. Based on the unique concept of serving rather than selling, Oilstop has grown to include corporate and franchised stores in Northern and Southern California, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Advantages/Features • Oilstop personnel are required to service guests and their cars with respect and integrity. Courtesy, competence, and graciousness are hallmarks of the service process. Proprietary software and the thin-client computing system offers location, employee, checklist, inventory, and productivity management reports in real time, increasing productivity and reducing mistakes.

Contact • Oilstop Drive-Thru Oil Change, 5665 Redwood Drive, Suite 6, Rohnert Park, CA 94928. E-mail:

Mobil 1 Lube Express
Fairfax, Virginia

Mobil 1 Lube Express oil change centers give customers the advantage of ExxonMobil’s unmatched convenience, performance, and expertise.

Advantages/Features • The Mobil 1 Lube Express program provides assistance with every aspect of a center’s operation, from getting the business up and running, to assisting in the day-to-day operations. At the heart of the program is the unsurpassed performance that comes with Mobil’s full line of premium-quality lubricants that customers know and trust.

Marketing Support • Professional marketing materials combined with national advertising help drive sales. When an operator is ready to expand with additional sites, ExxonMobil helps the business grow.

Contact • ExxonMobil Lubricants and Specialties, 3225 Gallows Rd, Fairfax, VA 22037. Toll free: (800) 667-6680. Fax: (262) 314-3710. E-mail: Website:

Valvoline Express Care
Lexington, Kentucky

Launched in 1999, Express Care is Valvoline’s mid-tier installer business offering. There are currently 365 independently owned and operated Express Care locations across the United States. Express Care facilities utilize strong branding, premium signage, and in-store imagery to create a custom, high-quality look.

Advantages/Features • Express Care locations enjoy the high consumer loyalty and brand recognition of Valvoline. The brand’s name builds confidence and trust, and provides top quality products to consumers.

Business Management/Operational Assistance • Operators receive development assistance, premium contemporary imaging, training, and support to help develop key business areas including management, operations, and marketing.

Contact • Valvoline Express Care. Toll free: (800) 622-6846. Website:

CITGO Petroleum Corporation
Houston, Texas

CITGO Petroleum Corporation’s fast lube program has grown to include more than 400 independently owned and operated facilities throughout the United States. CITGO offers SUPERGARD® motor oils and other quality automotive lubricants in over 700 fast lubes, car dealerships, and installed outlets supported through its nationwide system of branded, contract lubricant marketers. The company promotes the placement of its lube facilities on existing c-store and car wash properties to maximize cross-marketing potential and revenue sharing benefits. The program offers the independent owner high quality without the costs usually associated with traditional franchise agreements.

Advantages/Features • CITGO offers a site selection and development system, flexible branding and signage options, marketing/advertising/promotional tools, proprietary credit card program, SUPERGARD Lifetime Engine Warranty program, and a supply relationship through CITGO’s branded, contract lubricant marketer network. The company offers a proprietary video-based operating and back office training program — designed for owner/managers and service technicians — to teach and certify operating personnel on the day-to-day procedures needed to run a fast-lube facility. Through its recommended facility structure policy, preliminary and complete construction plans for new, ground-up locations are also available.

Customer/Operator Support • CITGO offers full support from site selection to construction to business-building tools during actual facility operation. Training modules are offered to all branded locations. The company maintains relationships with key vendors that provide preferred pricing and structured programs for equipment, financing, computer systems, and general equipment leasing.

Contact • CITGO Petroleum Corporation, P.O. Box 4689, Houston, TX 77210. (832) 486-4862. Toll free: (800) 992-4846. E-mail: Website:

Kwik Industries Inc.
Dallas, Texas

The very first Kwik Kar oil change center was built in 1985 by Kwik Industries in Denton, TX. The Kwik concept features a quick-lube shop with exceedingly high standards, wide selection of quality products, and professional service. There are over 350 Kwik Kar Oil & Lube and Lube & Tune facilities.

Advantages/Features • Kwik Industries is a dependable source for automotive supplies, distributing many fine products including Pennzoil, Gumout, and Fram from our 45,000 square foot warehouse.

Customer/Operator Support • Kwik provides market feasibility studies, demographic analysis, engineering and building plans, construction, equipment, financing, training programs, advertising, signage, promotional items, and marketing support.

Contact • Kwik Industries Inc., 4725 Nall Road, Dallas, TX 75244. Toll free: (800) 442-5368. Website:

Mystik Service Centers
Houston, Texas

Mystik formulates, blends, and packages lubricant products to meet all industry standards, including automotive, commercial fleets, and off-road equipment. Its new service centers provide service and products for passenger cars and commercial fleets. Mystik Lubricants is committed to offering its automotive customers and commercial fleets the highest quality lubricants and related oil-change products.

Advantages/Features • Mystik service centers are designed to accommodate both automotive consumer services and commercial preventive maintenance (PM) under one roof. By performing heavy-duty PM, service centers can build their business and take advantage of additional vehicles that require heavy-duty engine oil but can’t afford to be down for maintenance for long periods of time.

Customer/Operator Support • Mystik offers full support, from site selection to business building tools during operation. Each service center receives access to proprietary databases designed to help build and best maintain their business, including FleetSeek®, an online database for finding commercial customers; LubeAlert®, Mystik’s Web-based engine oil analysis service; and AOCA-based management and technician training programs.

Marketing Support • Operators receive comprehensive support to build their business, including site selection, income statement software, grand opening and annual special marketing allowance funds, all supported through national broadcast/print advertising and special event sponsorship.

Contact • Mystik Lubricants, P.O. Box 4689, Houston, TX 77210. (832) 486-5716. Toll free: (800) 992-4846, Ext 5716. E-mail: Website:

Houston, Texas

Lube Shop is a fast lube program from ConocoPhillips Company designed to help operators open, or enhance, successful, profitable fast lubes.

Advantages/Features • The Lube Shop program is offered through ConocoPhillips Lubricants Marketers and features Phillips 66, 76 Lubricants, Conoco, and Kendall motor oils. The program is designed to provide the flexibility to accommodate the diverse needs of independent operators. A branded credit card program is available at all locations. ConocoPhillips offers proprietary personal and business gasoline credit cards. Cardholders can use their cards at nearly 8,000 branded stations across the United States. The program helps individual operators reduce their credit card processing expenses while also capturing a brand-loyal audience.

Marketing Support • A comprehensive image program to support the sale of high-quality lubricant products, filters, and services is in place. Independent operators have access to the ConocoPhillips Oasis Image System that is implemented at all the branded fuel outlets across the United States. A custom sign package is available featuring lighted street signs, exterior building signs, and framed interior point of sale signs.

Premium Products • Opening a Lube Shop gives the operator access to a full line of Phillips 66, Conoco, 76 Lubricants and Kendall oils, fluids, and greases. From top-tier synthetics and synthetic blends to high-mileage oils, innovative, high-quality products and trusted brands are available to help build a successful quick lube business.

Contact • ConocoPhillips Company, 600 North Dairy Ashford, Houston, TX 77079. (832) 486-2836. Fax: (832) 486-2886. E-mail: Website:

We Feature Valvoline Program
Lexington, Kentucky

Valvoline has been dedicated to the development of innovative, high-quality performance products and services for over 140 years.

Advantages/Features • Installers participating in the “We Feature” program maintain their entrepreneurial independence while aligning with Valvoline’s strong brand image. Installers benefit from the added value of the brand’s history, variety of products, advertising efforts, and high customer loyalty.

Operator Support • Installers have access to multiple promotions tailored to meet the needs of the quick lube operator. Promotions are designed to help build traffic and awareness, and increase overall car count. The program offers merchandising packages that help Installers increase visibility with point-of-sales materials including posters, product display racks, curb signs, and custom banners.

Contact • Toll free: (800) 622-6846. Website:


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