Manufacturer's Showcase - October 2009

Cleaning Products

Malco Products Inc.
Barberton, Ohio

For over 50 years, Malco Automotive has served the needs of automotive service and appearance restoration professionals by offering one of the broadest and most diverse lines of quality, high-performance automotive chemical products.

What’s New/Best Seller • Road Paint & Graffiti Remover.

Advantages/Features • Road Paint & Graffiti Remover uses new technology and environmentally friendly, soy and vegetable based chemistry. The product safely, quickly, and easily removes road paint and graffiti from clearcoat painted surfaces.

Customer/Operator Support • Malco’s knowledgeable distributors provide local support nationwide.

Contact • Malco Products Inc., 361 Fairview Ave., Barberton, OH 44203. (330) 753-0361. Toll Free: (800) 253-2526. Fax: (330) 753-2025. E-mail: Website:

Cul-Mac Industries
Wayne, Michigan

Cul-Mac Industries manufactures a full line of Magic Finish car wash and detail products and supplies.

What’s New • Thunder X-Treme.

Advantages/Features • The highly versatile, non-phosphate liquid has been designed primarily for touchless applications and covers a wide range of extreme temperature variations. The product is used as a single step or second step in a two-step low pH/high pH touch-free wash process. The product has been designed to handle the toughest road film.

Price • Available upon request.

Contact • Cul-Mac Industries, 3720 S. Venoy Road, Wayne, MI 48184. Toll free: (800) 626-5089. Fax: (734) 326-0170. Website:

Lustra Professional Car Care Products
De Pere, Wisconsin

CSI manufactures the quality line of Lustra™ Professional Car Care Products. Long recognized as a leader in the touchless arena, Lustra offers a full array of cleaning and protection products for all types of washes.

What’s New/Best Seller • LustraShield™ Total Surface Gloss.

Advantages/Features • LustraShield’s nano technology and advanced brightening polymers reflect otherwise unseen “white light.” The product bonds to the vehicle’s surface to provide a protective barrier, producing a smooth shiny surface and increasing the vehicle’s gloss. Demand for this additional service creates a profit opportunity for car washes. The product can be offered a la carte or as a package.

Customer/Operator Support • CSI’s nationwide group of knowledgeable distributors provides local support. Marketing materials are provided to properly merchandise a wash for maximum effectiveness.

Contact • Lustra Professional Car Care Products, 1997 American Blvd., De Pere, WI 54115. Toll free: (800) 225-2231. Website:

Stoner Inc.
Quarryville, Pennsylvania

Stoner Inc. manufactures specialized cleaners, waxes, and coatings for the professional car care industry.

What’s New/Best Seller • Invisible Glass®.

Advantages/Features • Invisible Glass quickly and easily removes dust, dirt, oil, grease, fingerprints, smoke film, haze, and more from windows and mirrors. The non-abrasive, multi-solvent formula evaporates 100 percent and will not streak or haze glass. Other glass cleaners are made from inexpensive ingredients that remove dirt, but leave streaky residues that are difficult or impossible to remove — Invisible Glass contains no surfactants or residues and will not streak. The cleaner is available in 19-oz aerosol cans, 5-gallon pails, and 55-gallon drums.

Delivery/Installation • Same day shipping for orders placed by 5 p.m.

Contact • Stoner Inc., 1070 Robert Fulton Highway, Quarryville, PA 17566. (717) 786-7355. Toll free: (800) 227-5538. Fax: (800) 515-5150. E-mail: Website:

ERC Wiping Products Inc.
Lynn, Massachusetts

ERC Wiping Products Inc. supplies body, window, and detail towels to car wash and detail centers throughout the United States.

What’s New/Best Seller • Microfiber towels available in 50-count bulk packs.

Advantages/Features • The non-abrasive, lint-free towels effectively remove dirt and grime without the use of chemicals. Microfiber towels are a useful tool for any car wash or detailing center — they can be used in a broad range of applications and last up to 500 launderings. The towels come in a large 16” x 16” size in your choice of red, blue, green, and yellow. Smaller 14” x 14” and larger 16” x 27” sizes are also available in a variety of colors.

Contact • ERC Wiping Products Inc., 19 Bennett Street, Lynn, MA 01905. Toll free: (800) 225-9473. Fax: (781) 593-4020. E-mail: Website:

S.M. Arnold Inc.
St. Louis, Missouri

Established in 1928, S.M. Arnold Inc. is dedicated to delivering the best quality chamois, wash mitts, buffing and polishing pads, sponges, detailing cloths, brushes, brooms, and much more. The company will continue to develop and expand its line of quality products to meet the demands of the industry.

What’s New/Best Seller • Genuine Water Sprite® — Amazing PVA Drying Cloth.

Advantages/Features • The Water Sprite is made with an exclusive proven PVA material that gently cleans and dries finely finished surfaces. The cloth actually lifts residual dirt and grime away from the surface, leaving it clean and dry. The product is not affected by mildew, bacteria, or common household chemicals and can be used in place of a sponge or towel.

Contact • S.M. Arnold Inc., 7901 Michigan Ave., St. Louis, MO 63111. (314) 544-4103. Toll free: (800) 325-7865. Fax: (314) 544-3159. E-mail: Website:

Stevens Car Care Products Inc.
Eastlake, Ohio

Stevens Car Care Products Inc. manufactures a full line of “Advanced Formula” detailing chemicals and supplies. The high performing line also includes Rusterminator — Electronic Rust Deterrent System for Vehicles.

What´s New/Best Seller • Aerosol Glass Cleaner.

Advantages/Features • The glass cleaner has been specially formulated for the demanding requirements of the professional detailing industry where maximum performance and professional results are mandatory. It cuts through tough dirt and film without streaking, leaving a crystal clear finish.

Customer/Operator Support • Stevens provides customers with technical support, toll free telephone ordering, e-mail, website information, and same-day shipping.

Delivery • Same day shipping and free local Delivery are available.

Price • $3.75 each; case of 12: $2.89 each; 6 cases: $2.62 each.

Contact • Stevens Car Care Products Inc., 36542 Vine St., Eastlake OH 44095. (440) 953-2900. Toll free: (800) 322-1556. Fax: (440) 953-4473. E-mail: Website:

Blendco Systems LLC
Bristol, Pennsylvania

Blendco Systems LLC manufactures and supplies a full line of transportation cleaning products, including formulated powders, liquids, patented SuperSat® Custom Detergent Systems, and Red Rhino® sealants and protectants.Blendco Systems has been providing the transportation cleaning industry with innovative detergent solutions for over 30 years.

What’s New/Best Seller • SuperShield® SuperShield quickly repels water creating desirable beading and greater shine. The unique polymer blend works as a protectant on paint and glass to shield your vehicle against rain and other harsh elements. Blendco’s exclusive additive, Body Armor®, allows the protectant to adhere to the surface of the car more completely and build a thicker level of protection.

Contact • Blendco Systems LLC, One Pearl Buck Court, Bristol, PA 19007. (215) 781-3600. Toll free: (800) 446-2091 Fax: (215) 781-3601. E-mail: Website:

Stone Soap Company Inc.
Sylvan Lake, Michigan

Stone Soap Company Inc. is the oldest and most trusted manufacturer of professional auto wash detergents, waxes, and related chemicals.

What’s New/Best Seller • Double Duty Extreme Tire and Wheel Cleaner.

Advantages/Features • Double Duty Extreme Tire and Wheel Cleaner takes the best of the original Double Duty Tire and Wheel Cleaner and puts it into a more concentrated, faster acting cleaner. The product instantly cleans the toughest wheels and tires without any scrubbing. Simply spray on and pressure wash off. It may be diluted up to 8 to 1, making it easy to use and more economical.

Delivery • Fast shipping and a free freight program are available.

Customer/Operator Support • Knowledgeable customer service and technical personnel are available to assist with all questions.

Contact • Stone Soap Company Inc., 2000 Pontiac Drive, Sylvan Lake, MI 48320. (248) 706-1000. Toll free: (800) 952-SOAP (7627). Fax: (248) 706-1001. E-mail: Website:

Kaady Chemical Corporation
San Leandro, California

Since 1989, Kaady Chemical has performed under diverse conditions in car washes around the world, including a chain of Kaady automatic washes that act as a year-round “test lab.” Several top automakers use Kaady products in their pre-Delivery facilities.

What’s New/Best Seller • TWB with optional cherry or lemon scent.

Advantages/Features • TWB simplifies chemical management and inventory control — lowering operating costs. The product is a great wheel and body cleaner (at different dilution ratios) and can also be used in self-serve operations.

Customer/Operator Support • Expert support staff is available.

Contact • Kaady Chemical Corp., 2118 Adams Avenue, San Leandro, CA 94577. (510) 562-9788. Toll free: (800) 755-2239. Fax: (510) 562-9785. E-mail:

KC Chemicals Inc.
Travelers Rest, South Carolina

KC Chemicals Inc. manufactures a full line of chemicals for the car wash industry including presoaks, foamers, tire and wheel cleaners, tire dressings, dryer agents, and sealer waxes.

What’s New/Best Seller • Rainguard.

Advantages/Features • Rainguard instantly bonds to paint, chrome, and glass to form an effective barrier against rain, dirt, and the sun. The product contains special silicone enhanced technology with UV protection that can be applied through an arch in a tunnel or through wands in a self-serve bay. The product features a pleasant scent, fast sheeting action, and low foam and free rinsing characteristics. Rainguard comes in 5-, 15- 30-, and 55-gallon containers.

Contact • KC Chemicals Inc., 5500 State Park Road, Travelers Rest, SC 29690. (864) 834-2562. Toll free: (877) 271-8419. Fax: (864) 834-2564. E-mail: Website:

Jobe Industries Inc.
Linden, New Jersey

Jobe Industries has been a family owned and operated manufacturer of vehicle cleaning products since 1950. Innovators in the formulation of oil- free drying agents, Jobe offers a full line of colorful foam polishes with both carnauba and silicone.

What’s New/Best Seller • ClearCoat ProteX System.

Advantages/Features • The cherry scented blend of carnauba, polymers, and a drying agent contains absolutely no mineral seal oil. The product is formulated to help dry a car and preserve its clearcoat shine in one step. The innovative product can be applied as is, or through the Jobe Protex Foaming Arch (or similar arches) as a colorful pink or yellow foam.

Customer/Operator Support • The company offers toll free ordering, e-mail, website information, same day shipping, and in most cases next day deliveries.

Delivery/Installation • All shipments must be prepaid; free lift gate Delivery to most areas is available. Quantity discounts are available on orders of 2,000 and 6,000 lbs.

Contact • Jobe Industries Inc., PO Box 1367, Linden, NJ 07036. Toll free: (800) 222-5623. E-mail: Website:

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