Product Showcase - November 2006

In-Bay Automatics

D&S Carwash Systems
High Ridge, Missouri

D&S manufactures a full line of car wash systems and equipment for professional car care centers including the D&S 5000™ brushless automatic, Super 5000™ sizing, brushless automatic and new Odyssey Soft Touch Automatic.

What’s New/Best Seller • The Odyssey Soft Touch with Wheel Blaster System.

Advantages/Features • D&S touchless automatics feature all-welded, stainless steel construction; computer controlled, variable speed hydraulic operation; simplistic design; Power Blaster™ -enhanced, four-cycle wash process and options for enhanced customer appeal such as Tri-Gloss® multi-colored foam. The Odyssey Soft Touch is constructed of lightweight, durable aluminum and features a pressure-sensitive, top foam brush and four side foam brushes that wrap around the vehicle to provide a thorough, high-quality wash. D&S’ exclusive Wheel Blaster technology cleans the rocker panels, wheels wells, wheels and rims — eliminating brake dust, grease and grime. A high-pressure rinse is also available to enhance the cleaning process.

Customer/Operator Support • Nationwide, factory-authorized distributor network and toll-free customer assistance hotline.

Price • Available upon request.

Contact • D&S Car Wash Systems, 4200 Brandi Lane, High Ridge, MO 63049. (636) 677-3442. Toll free: (800) 844-3442. Fax: (636) 677-4105. E-mail: Web site:

Specialty Equipment Company Inc.
Mendota Heights, Minnesota

Since 1963, Specialty Equipment Company has upheld a mission to be the foremost source for commercial high-pressure cleaning equipment, offering its customers the highest-quality service available.

What’s New/Best Seller • Futura Revolution.

Advantages/Features • The innovative Futura Revolution is the newest addition to the industry’s most comprehensive family of touchfree automatic vehicle wash systems. Boasting standard features such as 100% stainless steel construction, Futura’s unique “stutter-step” wash process and unprecedented operator control, the remarkably affordable Futura Revolution is the best value in the industry. The FutureVision Controller allows individual programming of each operating function in every menu selection. When used with the optional Futura E-Vision, the operator has remote access to every function of his wash and can troubleshoot, program menus, audit car counts and perform many tasks that require on-site presence with competitive equipment. Available with freestanding or onboard drying systems and Futura’s renowned reliability.

Customer/Operator Support • 24-hour distributor support help.

Delivery/Installation • Worldwide installation capabilities.

Contact • Specialty Equipment Company, Inc., 1415 Mendota Heights Road, Mendota Heights, MN 55120. (651) 452-7909. Toll free: (800) 328-2747. Fax: (651) 452-0691. E-mail: Web site:

A-OK Equipment & Supply Co. Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

A-OK Equipment & Supply Co., Inc. has been manufacturing high-quality long-lasting car wash systems for over 25 years. A-OK has a complete line of self-service and touchless systems with the newest technology and user-friendly equipment.

What’s New/Best Seller • Dyna Wash Touch Less Automatic, Compac Self-Service Equipment, and Dollar Bill/Credit Card Coin Meter.

Advantages/Features • A-OK’s Dyna Wash Touch Less Automatic is a state-of-the-art car washing machine. It is made of high-grade stainless steel. The Dyna Wash has the capability to wash vehicles with the need for a 90” clearance as well as Duallies and extended-cab pickups by not having anything go in front of or behind the vehicle. You are able to wash three sides of the vehicle at once for a quicker, more productive wash. The Dyna Wash is completely electric driven, with no expensive and messy hydraulics to deal with. The Dyna Wash Express has the most durable long-lasting components in the industry, all the way from the heavy-duty design to the easy-to-use touchpad computer.

Customer/Operator Support • A-OK Equipment’s support team consists of a distributor network that is worldwide, as well as technicians in the factory to help with any situation.

Price • Consult factory, for price varies as to the options added to the equipment.

Contact • A-OK Equipment & Supply Co. Inc. (Douglas McLain, Thomas McLain, Kevin Pflug), 6031 Pillsbury Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55419. (612) 866-2555. Toll free: (800) 328-3783. Fax: (612) 866-2562. E-mail: Web site:

Superior Car Wash Systems Inc.
Phoenix, Arizona

Superior is a leading manufacturer of car wash equipment for over 35 years.

What’s New/Best Seller • Side-Trac 700.

Advantages/Features • The patented Side-Trac 700 is smaller, simpler and more affordable than most other in-bay automatics. It easily fits into a 14-foot by 30-foot bay, yet can clean a variety of vehicles from compact cars to full-size vans. Features that are optimal on other in-bay automatics are standard on the Side-Trac. They include undercarriage and side blasters, Clear Coat applicator, Two-Step Presoak, Tri-Color foam Wax, Spot-Free and Rinse applicator system and Auto Dialer to call you when it needs service. The most unique feature of the Side-Trac 700 is its vertical track system. Unlike intimidating overhead tracks or mud collecting floor tracks, the Side-Trac’s vertical track system is off to one side — leaving a clear, uncluttered bay floor. The Side-Trac’s compact pumping station is designed so that all components are accessible, yet requires a minimum of floor space. Its all stainless steel construction eliminates rust and corrosion for many years of trouble-free service.

Delivery/Installation • Installation available by Superior distributors.

Customer/Operator Support • Customer support available seven days a week.

Price • MSRP $61,598.

Contact • Superior Car Wash Systems, Inc. (Mike Delaney), 2831 W. Weldon Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85017. (602) 248-8943. Toll free: (800) 528-4063. Fax: (602) 265-1248. E-mail: Web site:

Southern Pride Systems Inc.
Graham, North Carolina

Southern Pride Car Wash Systems has been manufacturing self-service and frictionless in-bay automatics, vacuums and car washing components for more than 30 years.

What’s New/Best Seller • Skytrak In-Bay Automatic Car Wash System.

Advantages/Features • Southern Pride Systems, Inc. offers a state-of-the-art Touchfree Automatic Car Wash with a dual break-away inverted “L” spray bar. The overhead operating system has rails designed for mounting with wall hangers or a freestanding floor support. Included as standard is a touchscreen computer system with flexible wash programs, versatile wash passes, paging modem and detailed reports. The Power Pack is built for longevity with all stainless steel tubular frame, tanks, manifolds and solenoids.

Customer/Operator Support • Southern Pride Systems, Inc. has a distributor network as well as factory-direct technicians available for support.

Price • Varies depending on options and accessories selected.

Contact • Southern Pride Car Wash Systems, 426 South Maple Street, PO Box 1060, Graham, NC 27253. (336) 570-0185. Equipment Sales: (800) 421-5144. Fax: (336) 570-0596. E-mail: Web site:

HydroSpray Car Wash Equipment
Mansfield, Ohio

Hydrospray is a company owned and operated by car wash owners dedicated to building the best touchless automatic equipment on the market.

What’s New/Best Seller • Cobra.

Advantages/Features • The Cobra’s Dual Tower Wash System blasts the vehicle on both sides simultaneously with so much wash pressure, the customer actually feels the Cobra difference. The Cobra washes up to 20 cars per hour, and has enhanced tire cleaning by applying a special tire-cleaning chemical. It can fit into most smaller self-service bays for an easy conversion of an existing wash.

Customer/Operator Support • Hydrospray has a nationwide team of distributors to service your needs.

Contact • HydroSpray Carwash Equipment (Steve Hamme), 1237 W. 4th Street, Mansfield, OH 44906. (419) 529-5669. Toll free: (800) 528-5733. E-mail: or Web site:

Nu*Star Inc.
Shakopee, Minnesota

Nu*Star, Inc. has been manufacturing quality car wash systems for over 40 years. Complete friction and touch-free lines are offered with the latest technology and current customer requirements built in to every machine.

What’s New/Best Seller • Soft Touch Plus Automatic System, Super Comet, Soft Touch 3.

Advantages/Features • The Nu*Star machines offer all the options needed to give the customer a top-of-the-line wash. All friction and touch-free units are hydraulically driven with fingertip adjustment to control movement. The brushes are made of soft touch foam material that provides a complete wash as well as a shine and polish to the vehicle. Polypropylene / fiberglass-enclosed panels provide a bright, clean image.

Customer/Operator Support • Nu*Star Inc. has a nationwide distributor network as well as factory-direct technicians available.

Price • Varies depending on machines and accessories.

Contact • Nu*Star, Inc., 1425 Stagecoach Road, Shakopee, MN 55379. (952) 445-8295. Toll free: (800) 800-WASH (9274). Fax: (952) 445-0231. E-mail: Web site:

Oasis Car Wash Systems
Galena, Kansas

With a forty-year history of producing high-quality equipment under the same ownership, Oasis Car Wash Systems pioneered their first touch-free adjusting automatic car wash in 1985. What is known today as the Typhoon was the first fully-adjustable touchless automatic, and set a standard of speed and quality that is held by Oasis technology to this day.

What’s New/Best Seller • Oasis XP.

Advantages/Features • The Oasis XP is the only expandable car wash on the market today. The XP’s advantages include speed, reliability, expandability, Onboard Xpert and the industry’s only vehicle-avoidance system. If you purchase the XP and later discover that waiting lines are too long, the XP can be expanded into the world’s fastest touch-free car wash, the Oasis Typhoon. Therefore, as your business grows, Oasis grows with you! From 50 to 500 cars per day, the Oasis system of automatics grows with your business starting with a single investment.

Customer/Operator Support • Oasis provides superior customer service through a worldwide network of distributors, outstanding factory support, knowledgeable technicians and minimal response time.

Contact • Oasis Car Wash Systems, 1909 East 12th Street, Galena, KS 66739. (620) 783-1355. Toll free: (800) 892-3537. Fax: (620) 783-5735. E-mail: Web site:

BayWash In-Bays by Sonny's
Tamarac, Florida

BayWash is the in-bay automatic division of Sonny’s The Car Wash Factory, the largest seller of conveyorized car wash equipment, parts, and supplies in America.

What’s New/Best Seller • The BayWash i5 In-Bay Automatic.

Advantages/Features • The i5 is a 5-brush friction in-bay automatic that offers a premium wash process leaving vehicles clean, dry and shiny. Utilizing Sonny’s exclusive MicrClean microfiber wash material, the BayWash i5 has the most comprehensive wash process in the in-bay automatic market that truly delivers conveyorized tunnel wash performance in a compact rollover design. And the open architecture allows for ease of maintenance. System is complete with 45-hp on-board air dryer, tri-foam, and on-board high-pressure pivoting wheel blasters, among other features.

Delivery/Installation • Sonny’s inventories most equipment, making it possible to ship a complete tunnel in a day — or more importantly, any emergency replacement item the same day.

Customer/Operator Support • Growing nationwide network of distributors coupled with Sonny’s industry-leading factory customer support.

Price • Configure and price your car wash online.

Contact • BayWash Division of Sonny’s Enterprises, Inc. (Wes Osborne), 5605 Hiatus Road, Tamarac, FL 33321. (954) 720-4100. Toll free: (800) 327-8723. Fax: (954) 724-4288. E-mail: Web site:

Wash Dynamics
Ottawa, Ontario

For over 50 years, Wash Dynamics has been a full line equipment design manufacturer of high-end vehicle wash systems. From self-serve to truck and bus, Wash Dynamics builds it all using both friction and touch-free technology.

What’s New/Best Seller • Tracer-EX1.

Advantages/Features • Wash Dynamics’ new Tracer-EX1 features many improvements on the already excellent base Tracer. It still measures all sides and the top surface of the vehicle. The look of the Tracer-EX1 is different than the one pictured. It has an open concept style top arm, redesigned wheel blaster on-board, new stainless steel paneling with access doors, more efficient chemical delivery system and a Tri-color applicator that applies better coverage using less solution. The major advantage of the Tracer-EX1 is the total integration of the site. Wash Dynamics has looked to Exact One to provide the control system for its new machine. The Exacta controls allow the features of the Exacta brand of tellers to be extended to the wash system, and integrated with the Exacta Baymaster and Paymaster self-serve systems. Remote dial-up of site allows sales reports, program changes, and even cycle option changes. Input and outputs can be looked at from a remote location to determine what the correct diagnostic action needs to be. If you have a BlackBerry e-mail phone, the system can e-mail you or our service department any machine diagnostic events, and response can be handled immediately.

Customer/Operator Support • Support is available through its distributor network, as well as its toll-free technical support line. Control system diagnostics can be run to assist in the operation, programming and servicing of the systems.

Contact • Wash Dynamics, 2430 Delzotto Avenue, Ottawa, ON Canada K1T 3V7. (613) 822-1708. Toll free: (800) 977-3340. Fax: (613) 822-1779. E-mail: Web site:

Jim Coleman Company
Houston, Texas

Jim Coleman Company has been manufacturing self-service car wash equipment for 40 years. JCC has a complete line of equipment, including pumping equipment, touch-free automatic, conveyor equipment, vacuums, fragrance machines, carpet shampooers, awnings, vendor islands, and chemicals.

What’s New/Best Seller • FusionX.

Advantages/Features • Jim Coleman Company introduces the FusionX automatic car wash system. It is designed around the cleaning success of the Water Wizard 2.0, which is one of the components of the FusionX. We have taken the durability factor of the stainless frame and added three soft touch brushes and an optional wheel brush. Customers can choose any type of wash they desire, soft touch only, high pressure only or any combination thereof according to the wash cycles the operator has created.

Customer/Operator Support • Jim Coleman Company has several company-trained employees as well as a nationwide network of distributors.

Price • Call for a quote.

Contact • Jim Coleman Company, 5842 W. 34th Street, Houston, TX 77092. (713) 683-9878. Toll free: (800) 999-9878. Fax: (713) 683-9624. E-mail: Web site:

Belanger Inc.
Northville, Michigan

For over 35 years, Belanger Inc. has been manufacturing quality car wash systems, products, and components that deliver superior life-cycle longevity and user-friendly serviceability. Its broad line of products include drive-through and conveyor tunnel car wash products and systems along with friction automatics and touch-free automatic car, truck, and bus washes.

What’s New/Best Seller • FreeStyler™.

Advantages/Features • The FreeStyler is the most advanced friction in-bay automatic available in the industry today. From its revolutionary Clear Bay™ design to its innovative quality engineering, every aspect of the FreeStyler was carefully designed to deliver the most comprehensive combination of performance features available — all in one highly- attractive machine. Its overhead rail design eliminates dirt- and ice-related maintenance issues, while ensuring rapid precision movement and increased throughput. Open ClearBay™ design provides an open inviting bay appearance and enhances the customer’s overall car washing experience. Air-over-oil arm controls deliver smooth, contoured wheel movement for superior wash results. Patented counterweight top wheel design provides breakaway forgiveness, which significantly decreases vehicle damage. Conveniently-located onboard controls are accessible for fast and easy maintenance. In-bay equipment room allows for easy retrofitting of existing wash bays and minimizes new construction costs.

Customer/Operator Support • Belanger’s world-class network of local area distributors is made up of the most experienced and knowledgeable car wash specialists the industry has to offer. These valued partners assist you throughout your business’ future with business planning, scheduled maintenance programs, replacement parts inventory, and emergency maintenance services.

Price • Varies depending on machines and accessories.

Contact • Belanger, Inc., 1001 Doheny Court, Northville, MI 48167-5470. (248) 349-7010. Toll free: (866) 488-6635. Fax: (248) 349-2309. E-mail: Web site:

AUTEC Car Wash Systems
Statesville, North Carolina

AUTEC Car Wash Systems manufactures precision-built, all-stainless steel Soft Touch Car Wash Systems featuring soft cloth (or polyflex) and gentle hydraulics to provide the highest quality consumer wash in conjunction with the lowest operating costs. AUTEC is committed to reliable products, quality service and the ongoing success of its customers.

What’s New/Best Seller • EVOLUTION™ Car Wash System.

Advantages/Features • The EVOLUTION, or EV-1, is built on AUTEC’s top of the line friction machine, the AES-415 Soft Touch Car Wash System. The EVOLUTION offers car wash operators countless profit-making capabilities including multiple levels of friction, high pressure or an awesome combination of both washes. The EV-1 hybrid has a 20-horsepower pumping station which pumps up to 35 gallons of water per minute through 48 oscillating, zero degree nozzles, 24 of which spray on the forward pass and 24 on the reverse pass. As the vehicle enters the wash, eight additional on-board turbo nozzles spray tires, wheels and rocker panels. The EVOLUTION also dispenses a specially-formulated foaming, high-strength chemical during a presoak pass, which is applied prior to the high pressure. The high-pressure spray adjusts to the vehicle’s length by the use of infrared photo eyes. The water delivered through the high-pressure system can be fresh or reclaim.

Customer/Operator Support • Complete network of distribution, installation and maintenance throughout the United States and internationally.

Price • Available upon request.

Contact • AUTEC, Inc., 2500 West Front Street, Statesville, NC 28687 (Joey Stilley, Sales Manager). (704) 871-9141. Toll free: (800) 438-3028. Fax: (704) 871-9101. E-mail: Web site:

Mark VII Equipment Inc.
Arvada, Colorado

Founded in 1966, Mark VII is a leading supplier of touch-free, friction and self-serve car wash systems, ancillary products and chemicals. Mark VII is the North American subsidiary of WashTec AG of Germany, the world’s largest manufacturer of vehicle-cleaning systems.

What’s New/Best Seller • AquaJet GTO™ -700 with optional HubScrub®.

Advantages/Features • The AquaJet GTO-700 is the latest addition to Mark VII’s line of touch-free in-bay automatics. Leveraging the proven platform of the AquaJet GT series, the GTO-700 is targeted at high-volume sites that need a fast, reliable rollover system with lots of options for up-selling customers. It has an off-board pumping plant, allowing operation in most areas without the cost and hassles of bay doors and heat, and its standard features include a complete merchandising sign package that encourages customers to upgrade to a higher wash package. Plus Mark VII’s unique HubScrub wheel brush option solves the number-one complaint among touch-free customers — dirty wheels — while maintaining a touch-free wash on painted surfaces. Mark VII also offers four other touch-free rollovers to match any site and budget, as well as three SoftWash models for operators who prefer a friction rollover that is safe for vehicles and achieves outstanding wash quality. In addition, Mark VII’s AquaSpray™ self-serve systems are the perfect complement to its automatics for operators who want to combine both types of car washing on the same site.

Customer/Operator Support • Mark VII has a network of authorized distributors throughout North America that are factory-trained and supported.

Price • Varies depending upon the model and accessories selected.

Contact • Mark VII Equipment, Inc., 5981 Tennyson Street, Arvada, CO 80003. (303) 423-4910. Toll free: (800) 525-8248. Fax: (303) 430-0139. E-mail: Web site:

Ryko Manufacturing Company
Grimes, Iowa

Ryko manufactures car wash equipment for high-volume locations.

What’s New/Best Seller • SoftGloss XS2.

Advantages/Features • The SoftGloss XS2 is destined to surpass the original SoftGloss XS as the most successful friction automatic wash system ever introduced in the car wash industry. New standard features such as tall front wash arms and soft oscillating rear wash arms means better coverage, better reach and better results when washing all vehicles, especially tall vehicles such as vans and SUVs. New features for the SoftGloss XS2 are designed to give better throughput, better customer awareness and better acceptance. From the standard bay plate warning buzzer to the ultrasonic vehicle mapping system, the SoftGloss XS2 offers better convenience than ever before for both car wash operators and customers. With 14 colors of FoamBrite wash material available and an unlimited number of body color choices to pick from, the SoftGloss XS2 can be personalized to fit virtually any location, theme or requirement.

Contact • Ryko Manufacturing Co., 11600 NW 54 Ave., Grimes, IA 50111 (Bob Adams). (515) 986-3700. Fax: (515) 986-3621. E-mail: Web site:

Integrated Cleaning Systems
West Palm Beach, Florida

Founded in 1955, Istobal has been manufacturing the world’s highest-quality line of automatic car washes, featuring Carlite friction and contouring high-pressure technology to create a full line of friction, combination and hybrid rollovers.

What’s New/Best Seller • Istobal M18+ WhisperWash Max.

Advantages/Features • Istobal M18+ WhisperWash Max is a five module hybrid automatic that washes and dries up to 30 cars per hour in only 33 feet of wash bay, with all electronically-controlled amperage sensing Carlite modules and dual contouring. Whisper-quiet dryers, counter rotating wheel scrubbers, contouring high-pressure amperage-sensing Carlite modules, contouring energy-efficient whisper quiet dryers, and soft start motors offer Istobal customers a complete line of energy-efficient automatics and contouring dryers. Istobal’s M12+ combination can be equipped with 360 Fast Foam and complete a high-pressure and friction hybrid wash in less than three minutes. Twenty-five color schemes, fiberglass, aluminum and stainless construction make the units easily customized while offering years of reliable, safe profit-making operation.

Customer/Operator Support • ICS maintains a complete parts inventory and has a nationwide network of factory-trained servicing distributors.

Price • Istobal pricing is among the most competitive on the market, and its warranty is industry leading.

Contact • Integrated Cleaning Systems (ICS), 3600 Investment Lane, West Palm Beach, FL 33404. (561) 844-7760. Toll free: (888) 927-4631. Fax: (561) 844-3914. E-mail: Website:

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