Manufacturers' Showcase - May 2010

Impulse Products

Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Penray has been a standard of excellence in product quality and service for professionals for more than five decades. The company is a leader in cooling system treatments, fuel treatments, and shop chemicals that maximize performance and help extend vehicle life.

What’s New/Best Seller • SUPER-X® Emergency Tire Inflator.

Advantages/Features • The tire inflator seals and inflates damaged tires and is designed to be used with any passenger car, truck, trailer, or almost any pneumatic type tire. The product is a safe method to temporarily repair tires, reduces hazards of roadside tire changing, and will not adversely affect tire balance.

Contact • Penray, 1801 Estes Ave-nue, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. Toll free: (800) 322-2143. Fax: (800) 346-8454. Website:

Rogers Consumer Products Inc.
Pearl River, Louisiana

Manufacturer of liquid fragrances, air fresheners, and other high quality consumer products for over 30 years. Rogers Consumer Products offers advertising incentives and provides durable display racks to showcase items.

What’s New/Best Seller • Refresher Liquid Fragrance in Black Gold and Green Apple scents.

Advantages/Features • Concentrated sprays contain perfume grade oils for better and longer lasting fragrance.

Price • Retails for $4.99 and up.

Contact • Rogers Consumer Products Inc., 73356 Highway 41, Pearl River, LA 70452. (985) 893-3191. Toll free: (800) 346-8550. Fax: (985) 863-2623. E-mail: Website:

MPT Industries
Dover, New Jersey

Since 1985, MPT® Industries has set the standard for improvements in lubrication technology. As a manufacturer of products of unequaled quality, MPT Industries uses only the finest base stocks to produce lubricants that are guaranteed to outperform.

What’s New/Best Seller • MPT Fuel System Cleanse.

Advantages/Features • MPT Fuel System Cleanse is a specially formulated gasoline additive designed for ease of use. Major gasoline brands do not contain detergents that will remove fuel system deposits. These deposits steal power and decrease fuel mileage. The cleanse contains powerful detergents to remove contaminants from gasoline fuel injectors, intake valves, pollution control valves, combustion chambers, and carburetors. MPT can safely be added to the fuel tank by the bottle for a quick clean up or in smaller amounts for routine maintenance.

Price • Retails for $7.95.

Contact • MPT Industries, 6-B Hamilton Business Park , 85 Franklin Road, Dover, NJ 07801. (973) 989-9220. Fax: (973) 989-9234. Website:

The Original California Car Duster Company
Chatsworth, California

The Original California Car Duster Company has an ever-growing family of car care products, including a wide assortment of dusters, water blades, and a line of products that employ MicroFiber technology.

What’s New/Best Seller • Jelly Blade® vehicle drying device.

Advantage/Features • The Jelly Blade is made entirely of soft, ultra-flexible, 100 percent medical grade silicone. The product removes water from newly washed vehicles in about 1/3 the time required of chamois and towels. Blade features include a detailer end that’s great for drying rear view side mirrors, an extender end that gets into hard-to-reach areas, and reinforcing ribs that help keep the V-blade drying edge in contact with the surface. The product has an ergonomic handle, which when coupled with the blade’s contouring ability, whisks water off any vehicle.

Contact • The Original California Car Duster Company, 9525 DeSoto Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311. (818) 998-2300. Websites: and




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