Manufacturers Showcase - March 2003

Water Treatments

Freytech Inc.
Miami, Florida

Freytech provides Wash Water Recycling Systems and Oil Water Separators designed for every type of wash including self-serve.

What's New/Best Seller Containerized fully assembled turnkey systems with tanks included ready to be installed within 6 to 8 hours with no underground piping required.

Advantages/Features Zero pit odor, exceptionally clean under 5 micron water for months on end without any maintenance at all, filters which can last 25,000 to 40,000 washes, needs one hour of very simple maintenance 2 to 3 times a year. Does not use any corrosive ozone, chemicals, enzymes, UV, centrifuge or oxygen concentrators. Saves 50 to 70% of soap for friction systems and less for touchless. Light years ahead of conventional systems. Oil water separators
separate oils under 5 ppm and need one hour of simple maintenance on average every 18 months.

Customer/Operator Support Nationwide support, comprehensive user training, post installation reviews. Retail clients prefer to handle maintenance since it is easy and infrequent. Institutional oil company clients request and receive our factory trained service support.

Price Very price competitive.

Contact Freytech Inc., 227 9th Street, Miami, FL 33139. (305) 538-3101. Fax: (305) 538-7440. E-mail: Web site:

Braswell Water Quality Systems Inc.
Jackson, Missouri

Braswell water softeners offer a simple,
cost-effective solution and are one of the best business investments you'll ever make!

What's New/Best Seller Braswell focuses on manufacturing the best water softeners on the market.

Advantages/Features Braswell softeners are designed to use saturated brine to remove heavy metals, iron and hardness more efficiently. All systems come with pre-filled tanks to make installation easy.

Customer/Operator Support Factory-trained service support.

Delivery/Installation Normally equipment ships within 3 working days.

Price Available upon request.

Contact Braswell Water Quality Systems, Inc., 415 East Washington Street, Jackson, MO 63755. (573) 243-3660. Fax: (573) 243-5334.

Specialty Equipment Company
Mendota Heights, Minnesota

Specialty Equipment Company is a supplier that offers complete water management services to self-service, conveyorized, and in-bay automatic car wash operators.

What's New/Best Seller The CF Series of water reclamation equipment offers state-of-the-art technology at affordable prices, claims the company. The system has proven success in the industry.

Advantages/Features Units are capable of treating from 10,000 or less to 150,000 or more gallons of water per day. Units are fully automatic.

Customer/Operator Support The company offers computer generated site assessment, design assistance, and a nationwide network of service support.

Contact Specialty Equipment Co. (Jack B. DeMarre), 1415 Mendota Heights Rd., Mendota Heights, MN 55120. (651) 452-7909. Toll free: (800) 328-2747. Fax: (651) 452-0681. E-mail: Web site:

Custom Environmental Technology Inc.
Crozet, Virginia

Custom Environmental Technology, Inc. specializes in providing water treatment solutions to the car wash industry.

What's New/Best Seller The new Aqua-Tron "Expandable" Recycling System.

Advantages/Features The Aqua-Tron "Expandable" Recycling System processes wastewater to wash, pre-rinse and spot-free rinse quality water. This system utilizes macro filtration, ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis. High quality performance needed for truck washing, car washing and ultra-pure cleaning operations.

Contact Custom Environmental Technology, Inc., 960 Claudius Dr., Crozet, VA 22932. (434) 823-9960. Toll free: (800) 737-1971. Fax: (434) 823-9922. E-mail:

Pur-Clean Spot-Free Rinse Systems
North Highlands, California and Palm Harbor, Florida

Pur-Clean has supplied the Professional Car Wash Operator with the most technologically advanced spot-free rinse systems since 1984. Pur-Clean presently manufactures 10 different models of spot-free systems and are available in wall-mount or freestanding styles.

What's New/Best Seller The Pur-Clean "Pro-Series" Spot-Free System.

Advantages/Features The Pur-Clean "Pro-Series" Spot-free systems are designed and built with the professional car wash operator in mind. The Pur-Clean "Pro-Series" systems are fully automatic and are available in production sizes from 2,000 to 20,000 gallons per day. The Pur-Clean system, with its state-of-the-art Water Stabilizer, eliminates the need and ongoing expense of a water softener making the Pur-Clean system the most efficient, cost-effective spot-free rinse system available. All Pur-Clean systems are ETL tested and display the ETL stamp of approval.

Customer/Operator Support Pur-Clean offers factory assistance with site specific drawings, design assistance and on-site training through its extensive national
network of exclusive factory-trained and authorized representatives and distributors.

Contact Pur-Clean Spot-free Rinse Systems (Gary Hirsh), 2706 Alternate U.S. 19 North, Suite 207, Palm Harbor, FL 34683. (727) 785-7717. Toll free: (800) 818-8868. Fax: (727) 787-8193. E-mail: Web site:

Force Filtration
Venice, Florida

A leading manufacturer of top-quality Spot Free rinse systems, components and spares.

What's New/Best Seller Complete Spot Free Distribution Systems.

Advantages/Features Force Filtration's Complete Spot-Free Distribution Systems feature Reverse Osmosis technology for one-bay or multiple-bay car washes. Pre-treatment is also available for both wall-mount and freestanding frame designs. Force Filtration offers new installations or retrofits at 600 gpd to 21,500 gpd. Customer/Operator Support System performance is backed by Force Filtration's one-year warranty and high-quality customer service support, available throughout the life of your equipment.

Delivery/Installation One week manufacturing time, for most applications.

Price Available upon request.

Contact Force Filtration (Russ Bacon or Ray Batiato), 730 Commerce Drive, Venice, FL 34292. (941) 493-7777. Toll free: (888) 493-2227. Fax: (941) 493-7755. E-mail:
Web site:

Hydro Engineering Inc.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Hydro Engineering has been manufacturing wastewater filtration and recycling equipment for industrial applications since 1980.

What's New/Best Seller Hydrokleen and Extreme Clean Car Wash Recycling/Filtration System.

Advantages/Features The Hydrokleen system is designed to handle water recycling in automatic and self-service car wash applications without interruption of washing. That means no lost revenue, ever! All car washes have collection pits and oil/water separators in place. The Extreme Clean will make use of the existing system without extensive changes. Only sump transfer pumps are added. With these pumps in place, installation takes less than one day. The Extreme Clean system uses Hydro-Biodigesters to eliminate odor. Targeted bacteria, enzymes, micro and macronutrients work together to out- compete natural bacteria providing a smell-free system. "We Won't Put a Skunk in Your Trunk."

Contact Hydro Engineering Inc., 865 West 2600 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84119. (801) 972-1181. Toll free: (800) 247-8424. Fax: (801) 972-3265. E-mail: Web site:

A-OK Equipment & Supply Co. Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

A-OK Equipment & Supply Co., Inc. manufactures a complete line of high-quality self-service and automatic touch-free car wash equipment. A-OK equipped car washes are operating in all 50 states in the US, as well as on virtually every continent in the world.

What's New/Best Seller AKRO Reverse Osmosis System.

Advantages/Features The AKRO Reverse Osmosis System is designed to treat softened water and remove 99% of dissolved solids. These systems range in production from 450 gallons per day to 10,000 gallons per day of ultra-pure water for use as a final rinse in both automatic and self-service car washes. All stainless steel membrane housings and shroud resist corrosion and breakage. Systems include: automatic flush, flow meters, recycle valve, glycerin gauges and much more.

Customer/Operator Support National distributor and service network in addition to factory-direct service support.

Contact A-OK Equipment & Supply Co., Inc., 6031 Pillsbury Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55419. (612) 866-2555. Toll free: (800) 328-3783. Fax: (612) 866-2562. E-mail: Web site: and

Chief's Manufacturing & Equipment
South Euclid, Ohio

Chief's Manufacturing has been an innovator in high-pressure arches and components and water reclamation systems since 1985.

What's New/Best Seller The Water Genie is a patented, self-cleaning best-selling water reclaim system.

Advantages/Features Water Genie comes in 25, 50, 75, and 100 gallons-per-minute
versions. All systems produce five-micron water. This water can be used for prep-guns, high-pressure arches and components, cloth equipment, and self-serve washes. Fresh water is required only for waxes, rinses and foamers. The key to the Water Genie is its patented self-cleaning filters. These eliminate the need for carbon or sand filters and no back flushing is required. The product has no computers and few moving parts.

Customer/Operator Support As both an operator and manufacturer, customer support is available seven days a week. All equipment comes with a one-year warranty. As service operators, Water Genie pumps and most parts are available at W.W. Grainger's.

Delivery/Installation Delivery of Water Genie reclaim systems is four to six weeks. Installation time is approximately four hours.

Contact Chief's Manufacturing and Equipment Co. (Bill Consolo), 4325 Monticello
Blvd., South Euclid, OH 44121. Toll free: (800) 433-7758. Fax: (216) 291-4222. E-mail:

Windtrax Inc.
Mission, Kansas

Since 1974, Windtrax has been an industry leader for car wash parts, supplies and
equipment. Windtrax carries water softener systems as well as carbon filter and sediment filters and manufactures a reverse osmosis system that can be tailored to customer specifications.

What's New/Best Seller Windtrax reverse osmosis systems.

Advantages/Features Windtrax reverse osmosis systems now has the optional Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) control available. This new feature is able to check and control TDS from 0.0 to 49.9ppm and compensates for temperature automatically. Windtrax RO systems are built to order and have a standard footprint of only 33 inches by 43 inches
for complete systems, including a 220-gallon storage tank.

Customer/Operator Support Our technical service staff is available during regular business hours to answer any questions.

Delivery/Installation Windtrax reverse osmosis system is built to order and can be delivered in as little as two weeks from time of order. Ships LTL only f.o.b. Mission, Kansas.

Price Starting at approximately $4,895 for 1,800-gallons per day complete systems. Price quote for systems to 4,000 gpd available upon request.

Contact Windtrax, Inc., 6800 Foxridge Drive, Mission, KS 66202. (913) 789-9100. Toll free: (800) 443-0676. Fax: (913) 789-9110. E-mail: Web site:

N/S Corporation
Inglewood, California

Since 1961, N/S Corporation has been a leading manufacturer of car wash systems, equipment, and supplies.

What's New/Best Seller The LRC (Liquid Recovery Corporation) division of N/S focuses exclusively on developing water reclamation systems.

Advantages/Features LRC water recovery systems are designed to recover, clean, and condition used wash water, reducing oil and other contaminants down to 40 microns. All systems are environmentally safe and user-friendly.

Customer/Operator Support Worldwide distributor network. Factory-trained service support.

Delivery/Installation Normally takes four to six weeks.

Price Available upon request.

Contact N/S Corporation (Thomas G. Ennis, VP Marketing), 235 W. Florence Ave., Inglewood, CA 90301. (310) 412-7074. Toll free: (800) 782-1582, ext. 245. Fax: (310) 673-0276. E-mail: Web site:

SoBrite Technologies
Eureka, Illinois

SoBrite Technologies Inc., incorporated in 1975, manufactures a full line of reverse osmosis, water softener, odor control and filtration reclamation equipment.

What's New/Best Seller The Filtermatic 2 filter module with AquaPrep is a top seller
for SoBrite.

Advantages/Features The Filtermatic system does not require fresh water for any operations of the reclaim process. A solid state controller maintains the unit and automatically backflushes the filter beds when required. The wash and pre-rinse reclaimed water is filtered down to 10 microns or less. Reclaim odor control is a standard feature of the Filtermatic line of equipment.

Price Available upon request.

Customer/Operator Support SoBrite has a nationwide distributor network along with toll-free sales and support phone service, plus 24 hour, seven day a week toll-free paging support service.

Delivery/Installation F.O.B. Eureka, IL, four to six weeks.

Contact SoBrite Technologies Inc. (Bryant Ruder), 809 W. Center St., Eureka, IL 61530. (309) 467-2335. Toll free: (800) 762-7483. Fax: (309) 467-2539. E-mail: Web site:

Water Perfect-LC
High Ridge, Missouri

The systems and procedures developed by Water Perfect-LC provide for a successful and economical method of treating and recycling carwash wastewater.

What's New/Best Seller PolyMiser(tm) 3054T Twin Tank System, MiniMiser(tm) 2162S Single Tank System.

Advantages/Features PolyMiser Systems use proven methods of solids, oil and grease separation, oxidation, precipitation and filtration of organic materials to treat the car wash wastewater. The 3-tank waste collection system is designed to balance the needs of the application to the production of the car wash operator's equipment. Its unique "Continuous Operation" feature allows each PolyMiser System to double and triple filter the water for even better results. Plus ozonation rids the system of nasty odors and breaks down surfactants, the toughest of all reclamation problems. Systems produce up to 70,000 gpd or 50 gpm.

Price Available upon request.

Contact Water Perfect-LC, 4300 Brandi Lane, High Ridge, MO 63049. (636) 376-4481. Toll free: (888) 909-8330. Fax: (636) 376-4389. E-mail: Web site:

D&S Manufacturing Co. Inc.
High Ridge, Missouri

D&S Manufacturing produces water treatment systems which range in output from 600 to 5,000 gallons per day, for self-service and automatic car washes.

What's New/Best Seller The 2DSSFR25 2,500 gpd Spot-Free Rinse System produces pure, chlorine-free water by reverse osmosis for a spot and streak-free rinse.

Advantages/Features Special features include: simplistic design, stainless-steel construction, low pressure cutoff switches, reusable membranes, adjustable flow valves, and monitor gauges for trouble-free operation. Systems include re-pressurization and automatic backwash for self-service bays and automatic flush. Carbon backwash units or carbon filters are required on all chlorinated water systems.

Customer/Operator Support A nationwide network of distributors, a toll-free customer service hotline, and detailed technical and service information in product operation manuals are provided.

Price Available upon request.

Contact D&S Manufacturing Co. Inc. (Ron Branum), 4200 Brandi Ln., High Ridge, MO 63049. (636) 677-3442. Toll free: (800) 844-3442. Fax: (636) 677-4105. E-mail: Web site:

Hanna Car Wash Systems
Portland, Oregon

Hanna Car Wash International manufactures a complete line of automatic car wash equipment. Hanna has over 30,000 installations in 90 countries and 40 years developing products and services for the car wash industry.

What's New/Best Seller Hanna Reclaim II.

Advantages/Features The Hanna Reclaim II wash water reprocessing system allows for the recovery of 85% of the wash water. Hanna's Reclaim II not only conserves water, it also lowers your water and chemical cost. Washwater and chemicals are pumped from the reclaim tanks and sent through the Reclaim II system before delivery back to the car wash. The system features a centrifugal pump, a
galvanized barrel screen, a prime tank and a NPT hydro-cyclone filter. Pump sizes range from 3 to 15 hp depending on your water volume requirements.

Customer/Operator Support Hanna sells and services its products through a worldwide distributor network containing over 90 domestic and international distributors.

Price Call for pricing.

Contact Hanna Car Wash Systems, 18120 NE Wilkes Road, Portland, OR 97230. (503) 667-5717. Toll free: (800) 288-6927. Fax: (503) 667-5757. E-mail:
Web site:

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