Conventions - July 2002

Car Care World Expo Review Part II

Water usage and conservation took center stage at the Environmental Research Study update presented at the International Carwash Association's recent Car Care World Expo 2002. The study covered 32 car washes in three distinct geographic areas (12 in Boston, 11 in Orlando, and nine in Phoenix) and in three industry categories (11 self-service, 11 in-bay automatics, and 10 conveyor washes). Among other information, the update offered data on water usage, evaporation, and carryout. The study led to the conclusion that equipment, not climate, drives water usage. In-bay automatics were found to use the most fresh water per vehicle washed. Self-serves used water most sparingly, but recorded the highest evaporation/carryout numbers.

Maxi Awards
In addition to the ICA awards we reported in the last issue of Auto Laundry News, The Maxi Awards, which mark outstanding achievement in advertising, were presented at the opening luncheon.
The recipients for 2002 are:

Print --Valencia Auto Spa, Valencia, CA, NC;
Radio -- Hoffman Car Wash, Albany, NY;
Television -- Every Detail Auto Care, Lodi, CA.

ICA Scholarships
The names of the ICA Scholarship recipients for 2002 were also announced. They are:

• Patrick Garvey of Super Shine Auto Wash, Weymouth, MA;
• Dave Harvat of Jet Stream, Oshkosh, WI;
• Chirag Shah of Sponges Car Wash, San Ramon, CA;
• Justin Wade of New Image Car Wash, Strongsville, OH;
• Lee Welch of Auto Bell Car Wash, Raleigh, NC.

Kyle Cook of V.I.P. Car Wash in Overland Park, KS is the 2002 recipient of the Larry Harrell Scholarship Award.

For 2003, Car Care World Expo returns to the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. The scheduled dates are May 8-10. For information, contact the International Carwash Association at (888) ICA 8422, (312) 321-5199, or visit

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