Manufacturers' Showcase - July 2003

Winterization Products

Airlift Doors Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Airlift Doors has been manufacturing products for the car care industry since 1978. Today, Airlift is the world's largest manufacturer of polycarbonate doors and air-powered openers. Airlift is a large
distributor of plastic personnel doors, plastic interior and exterior siding, infrared stainless tube heaters, and electric openers for sectional doors.

What's New/Best Seller The MagnaGlide air-powered opener.

Advantages/Features The MagnaGlide opener is the ideal operator for any door application. It was designed to withstand the harsh conditions of a car wash in a Minnesota winter and has proven itself in conditions even worse. Imagine going through a winter without a door problem. The MagnaGlide opener can make this a reality! The direct drive operation makes it virtually impossible to jump door cables. With 30% more power than other air openers, the MagnaGlide will push through ice buildup and keep you operating. The operator comes standard with all stainless steel components and hardware. MagnaGlides are a must to properly winterize your car wash or service bay. As the manufacturer of the MagnaGlide opener, Airlift has put a considerable amount of time into testing this opener. Each operator is tested extensively before it leaves the factory and comes with a three-year unlimited warranty.

Contact Airlift Doors Inc., 4700 Osseo Rd., Minneapolis, MN 55430. (612) 529-1000.
Toll free: (888) 368-4403. Fax: (612) 588-7660. E-mail:
Web site:

Rochester, Michigan

Solaronics is the technology leader in quality gas infrared heaters for commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings.

What's New/Best Seller Suntube Stainless gas infrared tube heaters.

Advantages/Features Withstands the high humidity and corrosive environments of car washes, swimming pools, chemical manufacturing plants and livestock operations. Boasting a superior reflectional efficiency of 91.7% for optimal infrared dispersion, the reflectors rotate from 0° to 45° to place the heat where it is needed. Also, the reflectors remove easily for cleaning.

Service/Installation Virtually any building requirement can be accommodated by the Straight and U-tube configurations of the Suntube Stainless system. The burner is supplied fully assembled and factory tested, ready to hang. Simple chain mounting suspends the entire system.

Contact Solaronics, Inc., 704 Woodward Avenue, Rochester, MI 48307. (248) 651-5333. (800) 223-5335. Fax: (248) 651-0357. E-mail: Web site:

Pantron Automation Inc.
Gastonia, North Carolina

Pantron Automation is the North American distributor of sensors for automated applications. Products include photoelectric, inductive proximity, capacitive, flow, level, fork, ring, laser, ultrasonic sensors, and loop detectors.

What's New/Best Seller An automatic photoelectric amplifier with self-diagnostic features.

Advantages/Features Using a microprocessor, Pantron has developed an automatic amplifier that will perform self-diagnostics at the push of a button. It will assist in the alignment of the photoeyes as well as troubleshooting performance problems. As the heart of the photoelectric system, this amplifier adjusts its own gain setting automatically to compensate for obstructions, such as soap, mist, fog, and dirt that occur throughout the car wash. Use this unique
photoelectric system as an entrance switch, to measure cars, turn on lights, and in a self-serve wash to reset the timer for the next customer.

Contact Pantron Automation, Inc., P.O. Box 6039, Gastonia, NC 28056. (704) 864-1400. Toll free: (800) 211-9468 (Office hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm). Fax: (704) 864-0120. E-mail: Web site:

Belanger Inc.
Northville, Michigan

Belanger, Inc. is a well-respected car wash manufacturer of touchless systems, tunnel systems, and large vehicle washes. With a nationwide service network, it is able to accommodate the entire United States.

What's New/Best Seller Winterization package.

Advantages/Features With the heat package option, Belanger's touchless car wash system, otherwise known as the Vector Rapid Wash, allows the residual water to be blown out of the system therefore preventing the nozzle tips and lines from freezing. The Cold Weather Package allows continuous operation during the winter season while providing an optimal level of performance.

The heat tape is applied to the entire length of the upper and lower manifolds. Safety sleeves then fit over the arm manifolds to provide cushion, visual appeal and extra insulation for the self-regulating heat tape. The heat tape is also positioned inside the E-300 to provide year-round viewing.

In case of lost power or freezing temperatures, the weep system, with a temperature sensor, prevents the undercarriage from freezing by allowing a minimal yet constant water flow through the nozzle tips. This
system will allow your business to remain open on cold winter days when your competitors are closed due to frozen lines.

Price Available upon request.

Contact Belanger, Inc., 1001 Doheny Court, Northville, MI 48167-5470. (248) 349-7010. Fax: (248) 349-2309. E-mail: info@belangerinc. Web site:

Clear Fold Door Inc.
Oakwood Village, Ohio

Clear Fold door was founded in 1980 and manufactures high-speed automatic containment closures for the full- and self-serve car wash industries. Closures may be customized.

What's New/Best Seller The CFACE Air Control Enclosure with a NEMA 4X-control panel.

Advantages/Features Clear Fold doors contain heat which combats the mist of overspray that can ice up on outside pavement. The doors will also permit an accidental drive-through with little or no damage, something a solid sectional or roll-up door would not allow. A clear fold door does not communicate a "closed for business" appearance like a solid door, so that most operations will continue as normal on very cold, clear days. The closures will operate from existing car wash equipment signals and are produced to withstand harsh car wash environments. All model doors come with 24 VAC or 110 VAC control valves.

Price Competitive prices are available upon request.

Contact Clear Fold Door Inc. (Dani De Roia), 7703 First Place, Suite A, Oakwood Village, OH 44146. (440) 735-1351. Fax (440) 735-1353. E-mail: Web site:

Sprayway Inc.
Addison, Illinois

For more than 50 years, Sprayway has been providing industry with the highest quality aerosol products available. Its team's emphasis on continuous improvement along with its cutting-edge technology ensures that its customers will receive the most consistent high-quality product and packaging available.

What's New/Best Seller No. 758 Industrial De-Icer.

Advantages/Features Melts ice and frost quickly and easily from locks, wipers, windows, windshields, or headlights. For use on autos, trucks, buses, taxis, airplanes, and storefronts - anywhere ice and frost create a problem. Apply before freezing weather is expected to prevent frozen windshields and locks. This spray will not harm a vehicle's finish.

Service/Installation Sprayway has been providing top-quality aerosol products worldwide. Sprayway products are widely known as the "Professional's Choice," and stand alone as a premier and best-selling aerosol product line in the United States. It formulates over 100 products that are sold to over 20 different markets, both nationally and internationally.

Contact Sprayway, Inc., 1005 Westgate Drive, Addison, IL 60101. (630) 628-3000. Toll free: (800) 332-9000. Fax (630) 543-7797. E-mail: Web site:

Chief's Mfg. & Equipment Co.
Cleveland, Ohio

Since 1965, the name of Chief's has been synonymous with leadership in the development of car wash systems and components. Its designs and reputation have been the templates which others in the industry have tried so hard to emulate.

What's New/Best Seller Contouring Rocker N' Wheel Blasters (Model # CRB-20).

Advantages/Features Chief's Contouring Rocker N' Wheel Blasters (CRBs) employ a horizontal, oscillating spray bar with 10-0° nozzles for maximum coverage and impact. The unit with its pivoting framework comes complete with control panel. To maintain the cylinders in the harsh car wash environment, a self-lubricating oiler is included to prevent corrosion of the cylinders. CRBs clean the fronts and rocker panels. An air treadle is activated by the wheels and slowly pivots the CRBs as they wash the wheel, achieving 100% coverage. It then comes back to the home position for the next wheel and finishes washing the sides and rear of each vehicle.

Price $3,495 (without high-pressure pump).

Contact Chief's Mfg. & Equipment Company, 4325 Monticello Blvd., Cleveland, OH 44121. (216) 291-3200 (Bill Consolo). Toll free: (800) 433-7758. Fax: (216) 291-4222. E-mail: Web site:

Nashville, Tennessee

EnergyLogic, the manufacturer of Black Gold Waste Oil Heaters and Boilers, helps companies reclaim the value of their used oil with a complete line of products that feature the lowest overall cost of ownership in the industry.

What's New/Best Seller The new Model 140 Heater.

Advantages/Features The new Model 140 Heater was designed and priced for companies with smaller heating spaces and smaller amounts of used oil who want to reap the benefits of waste oil technology. By reclaiming the value of your used oil with an EnergyLogic boiler, you not only dispose of your used oil, but you generate hotter water for your car wash, which results in a cleaner car and lower chemical costs. The boiler can also provide hot water for restrooms, for hydronic floor heating and for several other applications. Waste oil worth $0.05 when hauled away can be worth as much as $0.97 when used with an EnergyLogic Waste Oil Heater or Boiler.

Service/Installation A nationwide network of dealers is available to provide top-of-the-line sales, service and support. All EnergyLogic products carry the industry's most comprehensive warranty - 10 years on the Heat Exchanger and 3 years on parts.

Contact EnergyLogic, 240 Great Circle Road, Suite 344, Nashville, TN 37228. (615) 251-0680. Toll free: (800) 311-8828. Fax: (615) 251-0682. E-mail: Web site:

Detroit Radiant Products Company
Warren, Michigan

Detroit Radiant Products Company is the foremost manufacturer specializing in gas-fired infrared heating equipment.

What's New/Best Seller SS Series of Stainless Steel Tube Heaters from Re-Verber-Ray(r).

Advantages/Features The energy-saving qualities of infrared heating can now be applied in many wet, contaminated or harsh environments with the SS Series. Constructed of 300 and 400 series stainless steels, the SS Series is also ideal for use in outdoor applications. The Re-Verber-Ray - SS Series of Stainless Steel Tube Heaters offers the latest in technology and the best in durability and performance!

Contact Detroit Radiant Products Company, 21400 Hoover Road, Warren, MI 48089. (586) 756-0950. Toll free: (800) 222-1100. Fax: (586) 756-2626. E-mail: Web site:

Navy Brand Manufacturing
St. Louis, Missouri

Navy Brand is known for its car wash chemical products.

What's New/Best Seller Navy Brand's best sellers include Blizzard Brush, Spray De-Icer, and Flow.

Advantages/Features Flow is an ice- and snow-melting liquid that contains freeze-point depressants to hasten the melting process. It prevents the bond of ice to concrete (or ice to brick) from forming and also helps minimize the rust problems that can result from ice melting. Flow sprays on to vertical and horizontal surfaces, does not track onto floors, and is non-corrosive. Navy Brand's Spray De-Icer protects, lubricates, opens frozen locks and quickly dissolves ice and frost from windshields and windows. It will not cause distortion or gumming. Blizzard Brush is a chemical, specially-formulated to perform at cold temperatures in all types of foaming brushes. Navy Brand says Blizzard Brush can be used undiluted even when temperatures dip to -30° F. Blizzard Brush
contains neither caustics nor acids and is safe on vehicle finishes.

Delivery Flow is available in 5-, 30- and 55-gallon drums. Spray De-Icer is sold in cartons of one dozen 16 oz. cans. Blizzard Brush is available in 5-, 30-, 35- and 55-gallon drums. All products
ship within 48 hours.

Price Available upon request

Contact Navy Brand Manufacturing (Marilyn Albert-Hack), 3670 Scarlet Oak Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63122-6606. (636) 861-5500 ext. 323. Toll free: (800) 325-3312 ext. 323. Fax: (636) 861-5509.

D&S Manufacturing
High Ridge, Missouri

D&S manufactures a complete line of car wash equipment.

What's New/Best Seller D & S 5000(tm) and Super 5000(tm) with Freeze-Not Protection System.

Advantages/Features The Winter Package option ties in the tracks and side tire applicators to the floor heat for year-round operation in colder climates. The Safety Eyes are also heated and Glycol Injector Antifreeze systems are available to help prevent freeze-ups. The D & S Self-Service Car Wash Systems line features standard and electronic weep systems and trough anti-freeze systems for climates with temperatures below freezing. Removable Safety Eyes are also heated and replace Glycol Injector Antifreeze with the new Freeze-Not System, which helps prevent gantry freeze-ups.

Customer/Operator Support Nationwide network of distributors; 800-number customer service hotline.

Price Available upon request.

Contact D&S Manufacturing Co. Inc. (Ron Branum), 4200 Brandi Lane, High Ridge, MO 63049. (636) 677-3442. Toll free: (800) 844-3442. Fax: (636) 677-4105. E-mail: Web site:

Buffalo, New York

Roberts-Gordon is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of gas-fired, low-intensity heating products. Their complete range of products began with their development of the CORAYVAC(r), custom-engineered vacuum-assisted system in 1963.

What's New/Best Seller VANTAGE(r) family of heaters.

Advantages/Features The VANTAGE EV infrared vacuum system combines flexibility and economy and is equipped with a fully automatic, direct spark electronic ignition. The VANTAGE II heater is equipped with the Honeywell SmartValve II control that combines the gas valve and hot surface
electronic ignition functions in one single unit. The VANTAGE HE harsh environment heater is specially designed for harsh and
corrosive environments. The VANTAGE TF Twin Fire heater, with the highest burner inputs in the industry from a centralized burner location, has low clearances to combustibles for the high burner inputs, which frees up valuable workspace.

Service/Installation Roberts-Gordon is committed to providing exceptional products, service and support to exceed their customers' needs and expectations.

Contact Roberts-Gordon, 1250 William Street, P.O. Box 44, Buffalo, NY 14240-0044. (716) 852-4400. Toll free: (800) 828-7450. Fax: (716) 852-0854. Web site:

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