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Following the resignation of Boeing chairman and CEO Phil Condit, Oasis Car Wash Systems advisory board member Harry Stonecipher was appointed as the new president and CEO of the aerospace giant. Stonecipher, 67, came out of retirement to fill the position, having left Boeing in 2002 after serving as vice chairman.

He began his career in the aerospace industry at General Motors as a lab technician more than 47 years ago. Since becoming a member of the advisory board at Oasis Car Wash Systems of Galena, KS, Stonecipher has advised on more efficient production and cost minimization. His template for a non-standard workweek has allowed the company to grow rapidly while delaying the need for new facilities.


Stoner Inc. was one of seven organizations to win the 2003 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the nation's premier award for performance excellence and quality achievement. Stoner is the smallest business ever to receive a Baldrige Award and one of only fourteen small business winners since the award's inception by Congress in 1987.

The criteria for the Baldrige Award are widely accepted, not only in the US but also around the world, as the standard for performance excellence. The Baldrige criteria help organizations enhance their competitiveness by focusing on delivering ever-improving value to customers and improving overall organizational performance.

Stoner and other Baldrige winners are expected to be honored by President George W. Bush at a winter ceremony in Washington, DC.

Stoner adopted the principles of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 1992 to improve business results and establish a foundation for growth. Since then, the company has enjoyed 400 percent sales growth and consistent profitability. Stoner routinely receives best-in-class customer satisfaction ratings and enjoys high morale among its 48 employees, called team members.

More information about the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award is available a For more about Stoner, you can visit or


Cleaning Systems Inc., of De Pere, WI has announced that Vladimir Chernin, one of its chemists for the Lustra product line, has received world recognition for his work. Chernin has accepted the honor of being a poster presenter at the 2004 World Surfactants Congress in Berlin, Germany. Chernin will make his presentation, "Surfactant Chemistry in the Vehicle Washing Industry," to the world's leading surfactant chemists. Chernin is the first known representative of the US car wash industry to have a scientific paper accepted by the World Surfactant Congress.

"Vladimir's innovative chemical expertise has been vital to the development and improvement of our car wash chemicals over the past three years," says Jim Thomes, the company's vice president of sales and marketing. "It is especially rewarding that Vladimir is now receiving world recognition for his work and creative thinking."


Customer Service Solutions Inc. of Medford, NJ, a consulting and training company for the fast-lube and car-care industries, has introduced a new form of information exchange for automotive service professionals designed to drive car counts, increase revenue, and improve business.

Debuting in January 2004, Solutions Online gives participating subscribers a direct resource to creative, customized business solutions through dedicated online communications. As members of the Global Information Network, participants are part of a select group of worldwide industry professionals who share information and support with other members. Subscribers gain online business improvement information via a password-protected web site. This gives subscribers access to solutions for virtually any obstacle to business success.

"This is not a chat room or bulletin board," said Joseph Rosales, president and founder of Customer Service Solutions. "All information flow is coordinated and facilitated by myself and my staff," he added, "so subscribers get clear, concise answers to their business questions without having to sift through dozens of unrelated responses."

All replies and communications are handled in strictest confidence. Subscribers to Solutions Online can also e-mail Joseph Rosales personally 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They will also receive monthly summaries that recap important communications within the Global Information Network. More information about this program is available by calling (800) 268-9899.


Solution 1, provider of a complete line of chemicals for tunnels, rollovers and self-serve car wash facilities under the brand name Big Finish(tm), has signed an agreement with NASCAR, Inc. to be the officially licensed professional car wash soap of NASCAR.Solution 1 will partner with the number one spectator sport in the country to give the car wash industry a brand-name association with which consumers in the 18 to 50 year age group will identify. This association will bring customers to the car wash facilities that use this product.

Over a third of Americans consider themselves NASCAR fans, and are more likely to choose NASCAR-branded products over others in the marketplace. Solution 1 will promote these products in a manner never before seen in the car wash industry. All participating Solution 1 car wash facilities will offer a point redemption program. Loyalty cards will earn customers points redeemable for NASCAR officially licensed gear based on dollars spent. The program will play heavily on the customer's passion for his/her favorite driver with special promotions such as double points when the day of the month matches the number in the back window or on their bumper.

In a further innovation, Solution 1 will advertise directly to the consumer in a variety of NASCAR Performance media outlets (i.e. publications, on-line, and television.) This will be a first in the industry and a great means of support for both the distributor and the facility owner. This will also provide the industry with a new tool to promote professional washing and water conservation using some of the most popular publications to reach fans of the most popular sport. For information about this program, call (800) 354-2633.


A series of workshops covering operation and maintenance of the new Super 5000(tm) was held this fall at D & S Manufacturing Co. in High Ridge, MO. Distributors from across the US were in attendance for the series of 2-day seminars, which covered manufacturing updates, maintenance recommendations, and wash-level programming. The highly interactive workshops provided D & S distributors and their service reps with instructor-led classroom learning and hands-on instruction covering controller programming, hydraulics and step-by-step installation procedures.

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