Manufacturers Showcase - December 2002

Lube Products

ARPAC Automotive Products
West Palm Beach, Florida

Corteco, the aftermarket business of Freudenberg-NOK, is building on 60 years of Freudenberg-NOK's automotive experience by distributing the most effective cabin air filters made by micronAir(r). In fact, micronAir by Freudenberg has been supplying filters globally to the OE industry since 1984 and throughout the United States since 1995.

What's New/Best Seller Corteco Cabin Air Filters.

Advantages/Features Corteco cabin air filters with micronAir protect against airborne contaminants inside your car by trapping them in its patented, multi-layer filtration system. This system is found in both its particulate filter and combination filter with activated charcoal. Corteco Cabin Air Filters capture mold spores, pollen, sulfur dioxide, lead dust, brake particles, asbestos & more. In addition to capturing
airborne particles, its combination filters contain activated charcoal to trap exhaust fumes and other obnoxious odors. It is resistant to moisture, heat, chemicals and road salt. It also contains electrostatically-charged synthetic microfibers to attract and hold particles less than two microns in diameter (a human hair is 50 microns).

Contact ARPAC Automotive Products, 3133 Fortune Way #22, West Palm Beach, FL 33414. (561) 795-8668. Toll free: (800) 348-8668. Toll free fax: (888) 795-9495. E-mail:
Web site:

The Valvoline Company
Lexington, Kentucky

The Valvoline Company, a division of Ashland Inc. (NYSE: ASH), has been serving American motorists longer than any other motor oil company and is a leading innovator and supplier of
quality, high-performing automotive and industrial products in more than 140 countries.

What's New/Best Seller Zerex(r) G-05 Long-Life Antifreeze/Coolant (tm).

Advantages/Features Zerex G-05 is a long-life, universal, ethylene glycol-based formulation suitable for passenger cars, light trucks and heavy-duty vehicles. Its low-silicate, low pH, phosphate-free European technology protects all cooling system metals, including aluminum, from corrosion. The pre-charged coolant is also designed to protect heavy-duty diesel engines. The DaimlerChrysler and Ford alternative products to the Zerex G-05 are Mopar MS-9769 and Motorcraft Gold respectively. The DaimlerChrysler and Ford warranties will be void if any other formulation is used, according to the manufacturers. Zerex G-05 is also backward-compatible in all older Ford, GM and Chrysler vehicles; compatible with conventional antifreeze products; phosphate-free to meet European requirements; and fully formulated to protect heavy-duty diesel engines from liner pitting.

Contact The Valvoline Company, 3499 Blazer Parkway, Lexington, KY 40509. Toll free: (800) TEAM-VAL. Fax: (606) 357-7733. Web site:

Kano Laboratories Inc.
Nashville, Tennessee
Kano Laboratories, Inc. is a major manufacturer of industrial and specialty chemicals, rust removers and lubricating products.

What's New/Best Seller Kreen.

Advantages/Features Adding Kreen to gas and oil during regularly scheduled maintenance helps dissolve contaminants and build-up to help keep gas or diesel engines running smoothly and efficiently in everything from lawn mowers to automobiles to construction equipment. Kreen's unique four-way cleaning power allows this internal engine cleaner to effectively reach the upper cylinder, crankcase, lower piston rings, and valve stems. Kreen softens carbon and dissolves gum in an engine's rings, valves, and fuel injectors, allowing piston rings to expand freely and restore compression. Kreen also improves engine pick-up and increases total gas mileage by dissolving carbon build-up on valve stems. Kreen engine additive offers a full money-back guarantee with proof-of-purchase.

Contact Kano Laboratories, Inc., P.O. Box 110098, Nashville, TN 37222. (615) 833-4101. Fax: (615) 833-5790. Web site:

Unilube Systems Ltd.
Fort Worth, Texas

Unilube Systems, Ltd. is the specialty equipment leader of the quick lube industry. It is the company of choice in providing safe, reliable, easily assembled and long-lasting products.

What's New/Best Seller Pit Guard(tm) and others.

Advantages/Features All Unilube products have been designed with safety as its number one priority. All products meet or exceed OSHA and Uniform Building Code requirements. All products are carefully engineered and tested for safe operations and long-lasting service. All Unilube products are designed to maximize speed, safety and productivity. All service-related items are within easy reach of the technician. The snap-together modular construction method utilized allows a complete two-bay installation in less than eight hours with no specialized labor required for construction. Speed of installation and maximum performance are attributes that deliver extra value to its customers.

Contact Unilube Systems, Ltd., 361 North Beach St., Fort Worth, TX 76111. (817) 222-2253. Toll free: (800) 326-1711. Fax: (817) 222-2445. E-mail: Web site:

Cyclo Industries
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Cyclo has been known as "the professional choice" for over 40 years, offering a full line of "chemical
tools" including a variety of cleaners, lubricants and additives.

What's New/Best Seller Professional Lubricant Line.

Advantages/Features Cyclo's professional lubricant line includes Break-Away(r) Heavy Duty Fast Penetrating Oil, Silicone Spray, White Grease with Teflon(r) and ZoLube(r) Multi-Purpose Lube. Break-Away stops squeaks, reduces friction, protects bare metal, and frees rusty or stuck nuts and bolts. Silicone Spray stops sticking and creaking (from -40_F to +400_F), repels moisture, will not attract dust or dirt and does not stain cloth or upholstery. White Grease with Teflon penetrates then solidifies for long-lasting, moisture-resistant lubrication. ZoLube is a great all-around lubricant that cleans, too! These lubricants offer the user the ability to match the best lubricant to a specific type of application.

Customer/Operator Support o Toll free number for customer support is available.

Delivery/Installation o Distributors may call Cyclo Industries directly for prompt shipment of orders.

Contact Cyclo Industries, LLC, 10190 Riverside Drive, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410. (561) 775-9600. Toll free: (800) 843-7813. Fax: (561) 662-1055. E-mail: Web site:

Garfield, New Jersey

Launched in North America in 1996, ClearPlus windshield wiper products are sold under both house and private label programs in the installer and retail channels. Its multi-tier program targets the economy, intermediate, and premium segments of the market.

What's New/Best Seller A full line Wiper Blade Program including all-season blades, winter blades and refills.

Advantages/Features All products feature high-quality wiping performance and durability of rubber squeegee and frame. This is achieved by using robust, all-metal frame structure and dual compound rubber squeegee that is compression molded and graphite coated. In its production process, ClearPlus benchmarks major International brands for physical properties of rubber, metal, and plastic components used in its products. ClearPlus products have the ease-of-installation usually found in exact fit programs while maintaining the SKU counts to just 12 to cover the full range of sizes between 11 to 28 inches. They come with newly-engineered universal adapters that accommodate multi-fit applications and are easy to use.

Delivery/Installation o The products are shipped out of ClearPlus distribution facilities in NJ, USA and Toronto, Canada.

Price o ClearPlus offers large private label customers a unique advantage of container load pricing directly from the production units in Asia and supplemental fill-in orders from the North American distribution centers.

Contact ClearPlus, 100-C Outwater Lane, Garfield, NJ 07026 (Raj Chawla, Principal). (973) 546 8800. Toll free: (888) 452-WIPE (9473). Fax: (973) 546-0800. E-mail:

Goodtool Brake Service Tools & Supplies
Winona, Minnesota

Goodtool offers more than 600 different tools and supplies for brake lathes. Featuring the largest selection of carbide inserts available in three grades: standard, excellent and premium. Arbors, cones, silencer bands, abrasives, brushes, aerosols, measurement tools and many other timesaving, task-easing tools are available for same day shipping.

What's New/Best Seller Sturdy-Step Professional Safety Platform System.

Advantages/Features The Sturdy-Step Professional Safety Platform System is an expandable heavy-duty steel step ladder that features safe non-slip design, heavy-duty construction, adjustable handy tool tray, solid four-inch rubber wheels, stabilizing kickstand, and fast on/off clip for Side-Kick. This 22-inch square platform measures 8-inches at the first step and 15.5-inches at the top step and can hold up to 350 pounds. The top step can be easily rotated out of the way with a simple lift and push of the foot. The kickstand also increases the maximum load of the Side-Kick to 25 pounds. New four-inch solid rubber wheels make moving the Sturdy-Step over grates and hoses on the shop floor easy. Meets all current OSHA safety requirements.

Price o Under $200.

Contact Goodtool, 156 Galewski Drive, PO Box 70, Winona, MN 55987. (507) 454-1454. Toll free: (800) 880-7121. Fax: (507) 454-1471. E-mail: Web site:

Snap-on Tools Company
Kenosha, Wisconsin

Founded in 1920, Snap-on Tools Company is a subsidiary of Snap-on Incorporated, a leading global developer, manufacturer and marketer of tool and equipment solutions for professional tool users.

What's New/Best Seller EETF103A Sun(r) MFX Xtreme Fluid Xchanger.

Advantages/Features The new unit pioneers easy-to-use flush and fill features for power steering fluid. The Sun MFX Xtreme Fluid Xchanger is one of the first products in the industry to offer quick, clean and efficient power steering fluid exchange capabilities. The unit replaces up to 95-percent of power steering fluid in eight minutes or less. Technicians control the exchange via the remote pendant control. New fluid bottles are placed in a special loading compartment to begin the exchange. After extracting the old fluid from the vehicle, the unit drains directly to its waste tank.

Delivery Products are sold through its franchisee dealer van, distributor channels and company direct sales, including

Contact Snap-on Incorporated, 2801 - 80th Street, P. O. Box 1410, Kenosha, WI 53141-1410. (262) 656-5200. E-mail: Web site:

Superior, Wisconsin

AMSOIL has been the recognized leader in synthetic lubrication since 1972.

What's New/Best Seller XL-7500 5W-20 synthetic grade motor oil.

Advantages/Features Blended to meet the requirements of 2001 Ford and Honda vehicles, AMSOIL XL-7500 5W-20 offers superior engine protection and unsurpassed fuel economy in engines calling for a 5W-20 oil. AMSOIL XL-7500 5W-20 provides the ultimate in wear protection throughout its extended service life of 7500 miles or six months, whichever comes first. The new synthetic oil also offers friction and heat reduction, as well as superior extreme temperature performance.

Price o $3.45 per quart when purchased in cases.

Contact AMSOIL INC., 925 Tower Avenue, Superior, WI 54880. (715) 392-7101. Toll free: (800) 777-8491. Fax: (715) 392-5225. E-mail: Web site:

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