Manufacturers' Showcase - August 2002

Computer Systems

Innovative Control Systems Inc.
Nazareth, Pennsylvania

Innovative Control Systems offer the carwash industry's only fully integrated tunnel controller, point-of-sale, and management system. Based on Microsoft Windows NT, Tunnel Master delivers the ease of use for today's user.

What's New/Best Seller The Auto Sentry.

Advantages/Features The Auto Sentry is a state-of-the-art interactive car wash point-of-sale terminal, designed to provide you with a trouble free, high tech solution for operating your car wash, while providing your customers with a user-friendly point-of-sale system. The Auto Sentry is the latest technology developed as a system targeting workforce reduction and productivity improvements in the car wash industry. The unit interfaces with the Tunnel Master car wash management system, Tunnel Master Jr. car wash tunnel controller, in-bay automatics and roll-overs, and fuel pump systems. This automated attendant will greet customers with full motion customized video delivering a consistent presentation to the user to guide them through the sales process. The sales process was designed to be intuitive so that new customers can easily navigate through the system and repeat customers can skip unnecessary instructions. By accepting cash, credit cards, or a pre-sell ticket, this system is the only one of its kind that provides convenience, flexibility, and performance.

Price Available upon request.

Contact Innovative Control Systems, Inc., 112 Meyer Road, Nazareth, PA 18064 (Director of Sales & Marketing: Brian Bath). (610) 746-4400. Toll free: (800) 642-9396. Fax: (610) 746-4100. E-mail: Web site:

GinSan Industries Inc.
Grand Rapids, Michigan

GinSan manufactures a comprehensive line of car wash equipment, including complete wash systems.

What's New/Best Seller The DATAmate data collection system is GinSan's top offering to the car wash computer market.

Advantages/Features The tamperproof DATAmate supplies operators with secure data collection information either on-site or via modem. DATAmate has its own keypad and LED display for stand-alone use at the wash location. Two level password protection allows owners to keep some areas secure while allowing employees access to other areas of information. DATAmate can import information directly into a ready-made spreadsheet or can supply binary information for operators who want to design their own reporting forms. GinSan says that the DATAmate system can hold around 40 days of information before a download becomes necessary. DATAmate has 32 input ports that can be programmed as count inputs, timed inputs, alarm inputs or even inputs to meet all of an operator's information needs.

Price Available upon request.

Contact GinSan Industries Inc., 3611 Three Mile Road NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544. Toll free: (800) 446-7267. Fax: (616) 791-9925. E-mail: Web site:

MPulse Maintenance Software
Eugene, Oregon

MPulse Maintenance Software is a division of SpecTech, Inc., which was founded in the early 90s by a group of veteran high tech software development and distribution specialists.

What's New/Best Seller Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Advantages/Features The easy, flexible CMMS offers work order and asset maintenance management with preventative maintenance, work orders, work history, maintenance inventory control and full management reporting. Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP/NT or Novell networks. MPulse Mobile Works(tm) uses Palm(tm) OS for remote operation. MPulse InfoNet is web-enabled. Customizable fields, reports and languages are all available. CMMS has an outstanding Price/performance ratio. It contains a simple graphic interface and is quick to implement.

Advantages/Features Excellent pre- and post-sales support. On-site or in-house training is available.

Price $995 and up.

Contact MPulse Maintenance Software, 555 Conger Street, PO Box 22906, Eugene, OR 97402. (541) 302-6677. Toll free: (800) 944-1796. Fax: (541) 302-6680. E-mail: Web site:

Integrated Services Inc
Portland, Oregon

ISI is a major manufacturer of point-of-sale, management and tunnel control systems for the car wash and fast lube industries.

What's New/Best Seller WashSoft(r) for Windows.

Advantages/Features WashSoft is a car wash cash register and business management system featuring electronic reporting to your PC, cell phone, beeper, etc. Five-second ringouts; multi-profit center; cash management; up-to-the-second statistics; barcode scanner; employee management; customer tracking; touchpad greeter; multi-level security controls; accounting interface; telephone support 7 days a week; tunnel management; card-based loyalty programs; fleet management; almost 60 reports; LubeSoft integration; workorder timer; productivity controls; access to reports from home or office; enhanced receipt options; complete integration with tunnel equipment controllers such as WashTEC. WashSoft for Windows now includes the sharing of customer information between your stores via the Internet, at no extra charge. This easy-to-use feature means your database, customer loyalty card programs and fleet business can integrate with all of your locations without the need of a site administrator.

Advantages/Features Three-day in-store training by a certified trainer is provided. Support technicians are available by telephone seven days a week or directly via modem. Support packages with software updates and enhancements are provided.

Delivery/Installation ISI provides on-site setup, installation and training.

Price Available upon request.

Contact Integrated Services, Inc. (Sales Department), 12242 SW Garden Pl., Portland, OR 97223. Toll free: (800) 922-3099. E-mail: Web site:

World-Wide Microsystems Inc.
Spring, Texas

World-Wide Microsystems, Inc. is recognized as a world leader in industrial devices for equipment, cash and inventory control.

What's New/Best Seller The 24-service, 16-function, Cartrol series of Datatrax(r) Carwash Controllers.

Advantages/Features The Datatrax Carwash Controller controls all service equipment with water-saving, chemical-saving, and energy-saving precision. Datatrax consists of only three components; master control unit, smart relay station, and input station, interconnected by only two, low-voltage wiring runs. The master control unit is a miniaturized, ultra-high-speed, industrial microcomputer, and is not a personal CDs, no hard disks, no disk drives, no diskettes, no cooling fans.

Advantages/Features All equipment repairs (warranty and non-warranty) are completed and shipped on the same day as received. Telephone technical support is provided at no charge...always free!

Delivery/Installation Datatrax is usually installed by a car wash equipment repairman or a local electrician.

Price Complete systems start at $3985.

Contact World-Wide Microsystems, Inc. (Datatrax Sales Dept.), 20519 Sunshine Lane, Spring, TX 77388. (281) 288-0168. Fax: (281) 288-0491.

DRB Systems Inc.
Akron, Ohio

DRB Systems, Inc offers computer solutions for the car care industry, designed to maximize profits and increase efficiency.

What's New/Best Seller Popular computer solutions include SiteWatch(r), CarWatch(r), TunnelWatch(r), and Customer Tracking(r).

Advantages/Features SiteWatch, designed for multi-profit center/multi-site car wash and quick lube operations, includes a cash register, timeclock, loyalty promotion tools, data replication features, management reporting and more. CarWatch is designed for a full service or exterior car wash and features a cash register and timeclock. TunnelWatch is a tunnel controller, provides precise to-the-inch control of water, chemical and electrical consumption and control conveyor equipment. Customer Tracking is an add-on to CarWatch, which tracks and maintains detailed histories of over 60,000 customers.

Delivery/Installation DRB Systems, Inc. provides on-site set-up, installation and training.

Price Available upon request.

Contact DRB Systems, Inc., PO Box 550, Uniontown, OH 44685. (330) 645-3299. Toll free: (800) 336-6338. Fax: (330) 645-2299. E-mail: Web site:

IDX Inc.
El Dorado, Arkansas

IDX manufactures electronic devices to solve problems for the car wash, gaming, and vending industry. Check with your local supplier to see if he is an IDX Authorized Distributor or OEM.

What's New/Best Seller IDX has updated its data acquisition systems WASH LINK 3000 and home software/office Wash Link HQ to be compatible with the latest Windows(r) operating systems Windows 2000(r) and XP(r).

Advantages/Features Standard now is auto-paging up to 3 Numeric or Alpha Numeric numbers. Data acquisition ports can be customized from 8- RS232 ports standard, expandable to 48, also 16 dry Contacts, expandable to 144, to monitor service data (wash/rinse/wax/etc.), IO modules, coin inputs, alarms, changer, switches, IDX display timer, combo vac, etc. You can remotely accessible the CP3000 via the standard 56K modem.

Advantages/Features Support is available through any of the 130 IDX Worldwide distributors or Toll Free Number 800-643-1109 from 7:30 AM CST to 5:30 PM CST Monday through Friday.

Price Price is available through any IDX Authorized Distributor or OEM.

Contact IDX, Inc., 401 West Main Street, El Dorado, AR 71730 (Mike Oliver). Toll free: (800) 643-1109. Fax: (870) 862-3472. E-mail: Web site:

Boltronics Corp.
Bolton, Massachusetts

Boltronics Corporation is a manufacturer of computer control equipment for the car wash and other industries.

What's New/Best Seller The Accutrak self-service car wash control monitoring system is a powerful performer for the company.

Advantages/Features Designed to work with Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT, the Accutrak enables the owner of a self-serve or in-bay automatic to receive instant notification of
any problems in the operation via a standard pager. The system features remote monitoring, so that operators may even check out their monitors by telephone. When using the system, the car wash owner can determine the contents of the safe, check on bill changer dispensed totals, be advised of low chemical levels, check out the wash's activity, etc. from wherever s/he may be. The Accutrak displays significant data through bar and pie graphs on the operator's computer, or s/he may print this out in color, thereby tracking revenue and other statistics of the wash's daily operation. The system has a standard one-year warranty on parts and labor.

Advantages/Features Telephone for support during regular business hours.

Price Accutrak-32 lists for $2995; Accutrak-64 lists for $4395.

Contact Boltronics Corporation (Tom McAfee, VP Sales), 27 Forbush Mill Road, Bolton, MA 01740. (978) 779-6933. Toll free: (800) 232-8201. Fax: (978) 779-5180. E-mail: Web site:

Auto Data Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia

Auto Data has been supplying POS software to the car care industry for over 18 years. Complete cash control, customer history, and inventory control capabilities are built right into the basic package.

What's New/Best Seller Posilube 7.0 for Windows(r).

Advantages/Features This major upgrade to their point-of-sale software line is now available and completes Auto Data's migration from DOS to Windows. The new version includes numerous enhancements including a superior QuickBooks(r) 2002 interface for existing QB Link customers. A single click of the mouse will inject multiple days of data directly into QuickBooks(r) 2002 without the need to manage and import files. Posilube 7.0 for Windows includes many powerful Internet-based features like multi-store polling and communications for larger operators, customer history sharing, automatic software updating, and time and date stamping to ensure accurate opening and closing times on reports. Store owners can also check sales reports for any of their locations via a standard web browser or Palm-powered handheld or phone. For the Lube side of your business Auto Data offers an extremely stable solution that integrates the Chek-Chart data bases to provide filter and lubricant look ups for specific year/ make/ models, as well as caution bulletins and severe service recommendations. Complete inventory control with automatic parts reordering is also included. On the Car Wash side the same mouse-driven user interface is used at the cash out area. This is the true advantage of the Auto Data system - one system with one interface. There is no need to learn two systems. For owners of multiple locations, Auto Data offers a complete Back Office software package to track all your stores via the Internet.

Advantages/Features Standard support offers unlimited 800# calls, dial-in maintenance via modem, and all Auto Data software updates.

Price Available upon request.

Contact Auto Data, Inc., 5825 Glenridge Dr., Bldg. 1-100, Atlanta, GA 30328 (Craig Harris). (800) 583-5823. Fax: (404) 256-5654. E-mail: Web site:

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