Tunnel Systems

N/S Corporation
Inglewood, California

N/S Corporation is known for its rugged dependable systems, unique design simplicity for ease of maintenance, and the "Lammscloth Advantage" option.

What's New/Best Seller • The new modular 3 Touch and 5 Touch systems.

Advantages/Features • The new 3 Touch and 5 Touch systems offer the car wash operator the same design simplicity that the company is famous for. The frame is a modular design capable of being upgraded while still maintaining the Lammscloth Advantage.

PriceComplete tunnel package starts at $69,995.00.

Customer/Operator Support • The company has a nationwide and worldwide distribution network that offers a full line of parts, maintenance assistance, and a sales department.

Contact • N/S Corp., 235 Florence Ave., Inglewood CA 90301. Toll free: (800) 782-1582. Fax: (310) 673-0276. Web site:

3G Enterprises Inc.
Fridley, Minnesota

3G Enterprises Inc. manufactures and distributes car wash equipment designed for the medium to high volume conveyorized operator.

What's New/Best SellerSix Pipe Junior Hodge.

Advantages/Features • The Six Pipe Junior Hodge cleans and rinses with high pressure, covering all the angles. Available with or without Wanner D-35 Pumping Station, it features programmable electric switching valve assembly to switch from front to rear spray bars. The new stainless steel spray bars allow chemical injection for automated prepping of vehicles.

PricePricing available upon request.

Contact3G Enterprises Inc., 220-77th Avenue NE, Fridley, MN 55432. (763)
571-3000. Toll free: (800) 638-7228. E-mail: Web site:

Sonny's Enterprises Inc.
Tamarac, Florida

Sonny's is a major manufacturer of all varieties of car wash systems and equipment. Its capabilities range from small drive-through systems to large high volume car wash packages. It specializes in site development, architectural and engineering services, and installations for new constructions or upgrades.

What's New/Best SellerThe SF-50 side washer; the first brush designed to specifically wash SUVs.

Advantages/FeaturesThe new SF-50 can be incorporated into almost any system configuration. All Sonny's systems feature the Hybrid system combining the cleaning and polishing action of cloth with pressure that cleans areas that the cloth cannot reach. The Model 110-07 shown features a 110-foot conveyor, front-to-rear mitter, attached Jog Wraps, SF-50 SUV washer, Omni Wheel Washer, side-to-side mitter, and attached side washers to clean the vehicle. Extra services are added via the three-color foamer, undercarriage, sealer or clear coat protectants, and spot-free rinse. The system also features the Simoniz Tire Shine Applicator for automatic, on-line dressing of tires. Superior drying is facilitated by the new Rain Arch that reduces misting and cuts foam residue better than ever.

Customer/Operator SupportSonny's is a direct-to-customer manufacturer and distribution company supported in the field by our Select Service Organization as well as factory personnel. The S.S.O. are pre-approved to deliver support to Sonny's customers as Manufacturer's Representatives, authorized installers, authorized labor warranty service and support after the sale. Sonny's provides the factory materials warranty during the warranty period.

PriceComplete tunnel packages start at under $100,000. All equipment proposals provide line item pricing.

Contact o Sonny's Enterprises, Inc., 5605 Hiatus Road, Tamarac, FL 33321 (Paul Fazio). (954) 467-1203. Toll-free: (800) 327-8723. Toll-free fax: (800) 495-4049. International Fax (954) 779-2484. Web site:

AVW Equipment Co. Inc.
Maywood, Illinois

A.V.W. Equipment Co., Inc. is a manufacturer of car wash equipment for over 25 years, specializing in all stainless steel equipment for conveyor tunnels.

What's New/Best SellerDouble tunnel package.

Advantages/FeaturesThe equipment package is a hybrid of high pressure and soft cloth with easy to operate high pressure pumping stations and hydraulic power units. The equipment is constructed of high-grade stainless steel. A.V.W. designs equipment packages for a thorough cleaning with no need for prepping - even at high volume and high speeds.

PriceAvailable upon request.

Contact • A.V.W. Equipment Co., Inc., 105 S. 9th Avenue, Maywood, IL 60153. (708) 343-7738. Fax: (708) 343-9065. E-mail: Web site:

Belanger Inc.
Northville, Missouri

Founded in 1969, Belanger, Inc. is a diversified manufacturer supplying a wide range of products to a number of industries including car wash, automotive, housewares, recreational, aerospace and others.

What's New/Best SellerEnduro Class 60.

Advantages/FeaturesThe standard feature package of the Enduro Class 60 is arranged to deliver thorough washing and drying, minimum maintenance and adjustments, and all the basic extra revenue - generating "bells and whistles" for line speeds ranging from 50-80 vehicles per hour in 70 feet of tunnel space. Installation of the system is easy with the inclusion of complete back room support components for standard system offering, saving installation costs and time.

PriceAvailable upon request.

Contact • Belanger, Inc., 1001 Doheny Court, Northville, MI 48167-5470. (248) 349-7010. Fax: (248) 349-2309. E-mail: Web site:


Ryko Manufacturing Company
Grimes, Iowa

Ryko manufactures car wash equipment for high-volume locations.

What's New/Best SellerThe Velvet Touch 2000.

Advantages/FeaturesThe Velvet Touch 2000 features a new Tall Side Blaster Arch, front-to-rear mitter curtain and side arm wraparound washers. The product can be equipped with cloth, Velvet Touch filament fibers or FoamBrite, a revolutionary wash product that cleans safely and also enhances the gloss of the vehicle's surface.

PriceAvailable upon request.

Contact • Ryko Manufacturing Co., 11600 NW 54 Ave., Grimes, IA 50111 (Bob Adams). (515) 986-3700. Fax: (515) 986-3621. E-mail: Web site:

Chief's Mfg. & Equipment Co.
Cleveland, Ohio

Chief's has specialized in no-touch (frictionless) and hybrid (no-touch and cloth combination) car wash systems since 1985. It produces a wide array of high-pressure arches and components. Systems range in size from 50-150 feet with capabilities of 40-150 cars per hour.

What's New/Best SellerChief's Auto Prep systems.

Advantages/Features Chief's high-pressure arches and components employ zero degree nozzles on oscillating spray bars to achieve both maximum vehicle coverage and cleaning impact. Centrifugal high-pressure pumps are used exclusively to maintain consistent cleaning impact regardless of pressure changes. Arches achieve 100% vehicle coverage on all car sizes, and arches are 100% reclaim compatible. All moving parts contain non-maintenance features. Chief's Auto Prep systems for all cloth washes eliminate 98% of manual vehicle prepping costs.

Customer/Operator Support • Technical assistance and consultations are available seven days a week. Client assistance includes site selection and evaluation, building layout and design, schematics and consultations with tradespeople, complete equipment installation and star-up, and a one-year warranty.

Contact • Chief's Mfg. & Equipment Co., 4325 Monticello Blvd., Cleveland, OH 44121. (216) 291-3200 (Bill Consolo). Toll free: (800) 433-7758. Fax: (216) 291-4222. E-mail: Web site:

JC Chemtech Systems Inc.
Santa Ana, California

JC Chemtech has been designing and manufacturing carwash equipment and chemicals for over 15 years.

What's New/Best SellerConveyorized Polished Stainless Steel Tunnel System.

Advantages/FeaturesIf you want one good reason to buy JC Chemtech's Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Conveyorized Tunnel System, here are five to choose from:

1. Looks like chrome.
2. Cleans like chrome.
3. Long lasting, never needs replacement.
4. Enhances your carwash image.
5. Slightly higher in price than mill finish, aluminum and galvanized steel frames.

Delivery/InstallationFour-to-six weeks for delivery, five-to-six day installation.

PriceAvailable upon request.

Contact • JC Chemtech Systems, Inc., Sales Department, 2412 S. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92707. Toll free: (800) 777-3760. E-mail: Web site:

Econocraft Worldwide Carwash Mfg. Inc.
Bronx, New York

Econocraft was the first manufacturer to incorporate stainless steel into car wash equipment systems and components, and has been producing such systems since the early 1980s.

What's New/Best SellerNew is the high-polished Stainless Steel Pizzazz Arch Series with optional multi-colored light packages; and the state-of-the-art compact 4-Basket Front-to-Rear and 8-Basket Side-to-Side Mitter Curtains car wash combination

Advantages/FeaturesEconocraft's rugged stainless steel frame construction maintains the strength and appearance of its wash tunnels. Wash systems are dependable and require low maintenance.

Customer/Operator SupportEconocraft has a national distribution network and a full-service West Coast office.

PriceModest prices are available upon request.

Contact • Econocraft Worldwide Carwash Mfg. Inc., 383 Concord Ave., Bronx, NY 10454. (718) 585-6463. West Coast: (562) 421-5676. Toll free: (800) 344-5154. Fax: (718) 585-0788. E-mail: Web site:

Hanna Car Wash International LLC
Portland, Oregon

For over 50 years, Hanna Car Wash has been a leader in the development of conveyorized car wash systems. It has maintained industry prominence with its stainless steel C-channel car wash packages.

What's New/Best Seller • The 135S Conveyor Wash system is a mid-range best seller because it offers high-volume washing capability with relatively limited land requirements. All Hanna Car Wash
systems feature the proven RCV conveyer, hydraulic or electric wash components and the new Concorde Drying system.

Advantages/FeaturesSystems can be tailored to the needs of any location. The
reliable stainless steel C-channel structure provides a flexible framework for creating specific car wash systems.

Customer/Operator Support • Hanna Car Wash International, LLC maintains a network of over 90 domestic and international distributors.

Price • Available upon request.

Contact • Hanna Car Wash International, LLC, 18120 N.E. Wilkes Road, Portland, OR 97230. (503) 669-0125. Toll free: (800) 288-6927. Fax: (503) 667-5757.
E-mail: Web site:

Magic Wand Car Wash Systems
Bristol, Virginia

Magic Wand, known for its quality self-service, produces a full line of automatic Car Wash Systems such as The Magic Spray line and the Magic Touch line.

What's New/Best SellerThe Magic Touch 6000 mini-tunnel system and Magic Spray 2000.

Advantages/FeaturesThe Magic Touch cloth tunnel system was designed to wash extremely well and be trouble-free. The simplicity of design through the use of gravity control wherever possible, allows for a consistent performance level. The all-aluminum and stainless steel construction assures structural integrity and less load stress from moving parts. The Magic Spray unit uses the same principals where appropriate.

Customer/Operator Support • Magic Wand has field offices in almost every state and Australia. The national network offers excellent and prompt service as well as maintenance or a yearly maintenance contract.

PriceCompetitive pricing
available upon request.

Contact • Magic Wand Car Wash Systems, 1100 Page Street, Bristol, VA 24021. Toll free: (800) 336-8795. Fax: (540) 466-4256.

Mark VII Equipment Inc.
Arvada, Colorado

Mark VII Equipment manufactures a complete line of AquaJet touch-free conveyor car wash systems. Either the full-service or the unattended mini-tunnel system provides exceptional throughput for a fast, efficient, and reliable automated profit center.

What's New/Best SellerThe AquaJet Tunnel series.

Advantages/FeaturesThe tunnel incorporates the best of the Rollover System into a tunnel configuration for a faster, safer, touch-free wash at high volume locations. Attractive fiberglass and stainless-steel construction enhance the site's image; optional lighted graphics promote wash options and car wash services for attended or unattended tunnel configurations. Features include speed, reliability, expert diagnostics, heated bifurcated presoak, and contemporary merchandising. If 50 or more feet exists for tunnel installation, throughput can increase from approximately 20 vehicles per hour (rollover) to 35 or more vehicles per hour (tunnel).

Customer/Operator Support • International distributor network and Mark VII factory support available for installation and maintenance.

PriceAvailable upon request.

Contact • Mark VII Equipment, Inc., 5981 Tennyson Street, Arvada, CO 80003. (303) 423-4910. Toll free: (800) 525-8248. Fax: (303) 430-0139. E-mail: Web site:

PECO Corporation
Auburn Hills, Michigan

PECO designs and manufactures premium car wash systems.

What's New/Best SellerThe Soft 'N' Foamy 100 System, Stainless Steel Hybrid System with Air Water Module.

Advantages/FeaturesPECO has perfected a unique method of washing, cleaning and drying cars with the Hybrid-Wash. This Hybrid method combines "soft-cloth" equipment together with "high-pressure" precision resulting in unrivaled maximum cleaning performance.

PriceAvailable upon request.

Contact • PECO Corporation, 244 Rex Blvd., Auburn Hills, MI 48326 (Brian Gleason or
Dan Beaupied). (248) 299-5800. Toll free: (800) 448-3946. Fax: (248) 299-9001.
E-mail: Web site:

D&S Manufacturing Co. Inc.
High Ridge, Missouri

D&S Manufacturing offers tunnel wash equipment, among its many car wash products, including
complete tunnel wash systems.

What's New/Best SellerCorrelators.

Advantages/FeaturesD&S correlators are constructed of
all-welded angle iron frames and top deck plates that ride on 24 steel balls strategically positioned in inverted angle iron. The top deck plate moves 12" in a side-to-side motion. The access doors on each side are hinged for easy access and maintenance. The correlators offer dependable operation with their unique ball bearing system.

PriceAvailable upon request.

Contact D&S Manufacturing Co. Inc., 4200 Brandi Lane, High Ridge, MO 63049 (Ron Branum). (636) 677-3442. Toll free: (800) 844-3442. Fax: (636) 677-4105. E-mail: Web site:


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