Magic Investments Inc.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Magic Investments specializes in high-volume/
minimal-labor auto washing systems.

What's New/Best Seller
The AeroTherm Automotive Drying System. AeroTherm is the industry's only drying system capable of producing up to 200 dry cars per hour.

The AeroTherm 15- hp Magic Blade Fan produces an industry best 8,000 cfm. AeroTherm's exclusive high-efficiency class four fan features a heavy-duty steel fan wheel specifically designed for the car wash environment and a factory-tested, two-stage safety grid system. Full-sized, 18" wide discharge nozzles provide a broad sweep area to ensure complete drying patterns. State-of-the-art mounting system and fan design allow for infinite discharge adjustment. Reversing rocker panel nozzles assure dry front and rear bumpers. Top reversing nozzles dry the backs of trucks, vans, and sport utility vehicles. Up to five million BTUs of heat and discharge temperatures in excess of 200º F guarantee consistent quality regardless of climate and weather conditions, while adjustable thermostat and setback controls keep gas consumption to a minimum. The AeroTherm automotive drying system can be customized to your particular tunnel utilizing one to 16 fans with a heated option and is totally expandable to meet your future needs.

Contact: Magic Investments Inc. (Billy Schaming), 427 Mt. Lebanon Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15234. (412) 343-3555. Fax: (412) 343-7160. Web site: www.cleanshinydry.com.

Hanna-Sherman International
Portland, Oregon
Hanna-Sherman manufactures a full line of car wash equipment.

What's New/Best Seller * Hanna-Sherman's stainless-steel Concorde drying system maintains customer satisfaction while reducing labor in high volume situations.

Advantages/Features * The system is energy efficient, adaptable to all locations and vehicle types such as cars, trucks, trains, and buses. It features adjustable, optimally directed airflow; stainless-steel construction, and a standard top-nozzle restrictor gate. Ten-, 15-, and 20-hp models are available, as is an optional sound-management package.

Operator Support * There is a nationwide distributor- and/or factory-based assistance program.

Contact * Hanna-Sherman International Inc. (National Sales Department), 18120 NE Wilkes Rd., Portland, OR 97230. Toll free: (800) 288-6927. Web site: www.hanna-sherman.com.