Manufacturers' Showcase - April 2008

Drying Systems

Proto-Vest Inc.
Glendale, Arizona

Proto-Vest offers an extensive line of automotive dryers, capable of handling conveyor, in-bay automatic, and self-serve applications. Systems are available in stand-alone and compact modular designs — either touchless or light-touch— as well as custom engineered units.

What’s New/Best Seller • The Windshear InBay RM Dryer.

Advantages/Features • The newly redesigned Windshear InBay RM Dryer is a cost effective solution constructed from high-density polyethylene alloy, making it dent proof, corrosion proof and easy to assemble. Specifically designed for in-bay applications, it dries cars in half the time and is completely touch-free for any type of vehicle. The system’s compact size allows it to fit into narrow bays, while the interior clearance exceeds 100-inches horizontally and 84-inches vertically. The top bag is angled 10 degrees towards the rear of the vehicle to dry the backs of vans and SUVs; each bag has the capability of infinite angle adjustments allowing the operator total control over drying performance. The unit has two rotary molded 25-hp blower housings with powder coated inlets and impellors, extending equipment life and reducing maintenance. Combine this with the Proto-Vest Silencing Package to provide sound protection that produces decibel readings lower than federal OSHA regulations.

Contact • Proto-Vest Inc., 7400 N Glen Harbor Blvd., Glendale, AZ 85307. (623) 872-8300. Toll free: (800) 521-8218. Fax: (623) 872-6150. E-mail: Website:

Southern Pride Car Wash Systems
Graham, North Carolina


Southern Pride Car Wash Systems has manufactured self-service equipment, frictionless in-bay automatics, vacuums, and car washing components for more than 30 years.

What’s New/Best Seller • Dryer System Control Panels.

Advantages/Features • Southern Pride manufactures a complete line of dryer system control panels, and can build custom panels for every application. The company offers 3 to 15-hp; 3 to10-hp; and 4 to 10-hp controllers with on-delay timers. Custom built incoming power feeds that lower electrical installation costs are available

Customer/Operator Support • Factory-direct sales and service/technical support are available toll free. National and regional distributor network.

Contact • Southern Pride Car Wash Systems, 426 S. Maple Street, P.O. Box 1060, Graham, NC 27253. (336) 570-0185. Toll free: (800) 421-5144. Fax: (336) 570-0596. E-mail: Website:

Aerodry Systems LLC
Broomfield, Colorado

Aerodry offers the only lifetime fan warranty in the industry.

What’s New/Best Seller • The Advantage System.

Advantages/Features • Aerodry Systems manufactures car wash drying systems with Internal Sound Reduction Technology. The systems, which are patent pending, employ the latest advances in sound abatement and airflow technology to meet the requirements of both the operator and community. Contoured, modular components offer ease of installation and full adjustability to meet individual needs and optimum airflow. The maintenance-free systems are constructed of stainless steel and fiberglass, configured for either interior or exterior installations in full-service, self-service, or automatic washes.

Customer/Operator Support • Local distributors are available to answer any questions. Factory assistance is also available.

Contact • Aerodry Systems, LLC, P.O. Box 907, Broomfield, CO 80038. (303) 438-0120. Fax: (303) 438-0124. E-mail: Website:

Superior Car Wash Systems Inc.
Phoenix, Arizona

Superior has manufactured a complete line of car wash equipment for over 35 years. As a recipient of ICA’s Leadership in Innovation Awards for advanced dryer technology, Superior has changed the industry’s perception of dryers.

What’s New/Best Seller • Spirit Exterior Mount Dryer.

Advantages/Features • The dryer is specially designed for in-bay automatic bays that don’t have space for a dryer. It’s fabricated from aluminum to reduce weight and has attractive round-cornered trim. Rubber mounted motors and colorful roto-molded polymer housings keep noise at a minimum. Options included patented oscillating nozzle, Dual Port™ nozzles to dry the back of vehicles, and several horsepower combinations.

Customer/Operator Support • Superior has a large distributor network to provide service and support. Customers can also call technicians directly.

Delivery/Installation • Delivery on standard dryers is three weeks from date of order. Installation is available.

Price • Call your local representative or contact Superior directly.

Contact • Superior Car Wash Systems Inc., 2831 W. Weldon Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85017. (602) 248-8943. Fax: (602) 265-1248. Toll free: (800) 528-4063. E-mail: Website:

Specialty Equipment Company Inc.
Mendota Heights, Minnesota

Since 1963, Specialty Equipment Company has manufactured commercial high-pressure cleaning equipment and offered its customers the highest-quality service available.

What’s New/Best Seller • Futura Torrent Dryers.

Advantages/Features • The Futura Torrent is the culmination of years of experience in the vehicle cleaning and drying industry. The dryer is efficient, simple to maintain, and powerfully dependable and effective. The design of the arch combined with the flexibility of the dryer producer mounting hardware allows for the most accurate placement of the producers. The directional nozzles allows for non-interfering air flow planes. More drying capacity can be achieved by simply adding more producers. The scrolled brushed stainless nozzles permits free airflow in the direction of the impeller rotation. The impellers are steel nickel chromated for corrosion resistance with backward curved blades welded on both sides.

Customer/Operator Support • Specialty Equipment Company offers a nationwide network of distributors to assist in the selection of the right system for each operation. A toll free customer service line with outstanding technical support and installation assistance is on call.

Price • Available upon request.

Contact • Specialty Equipment Company Inc., 1415 Mendota Heights Road, Mendota Heights, MN 55120. Toll free: (800) 328-2747. Fax: (651) 452-0681. E-mail: Website:

Ryko Manufacturing Company
Grimes, Iowa

Ryko is the largest manufacturer of car wash equipment in North America. It manufactures a full line of friction, touch-free, and conveyorized car, truck, bus, and van washes. It also has a full line of car wash accessories.

What’s New/Best Seller • ThrustPro Dryer.

Advantages/Features • The ThrustPro is the perfect companion to any wash system. In fact, when combined with a Ryko automatic rollover vehicle wash system, a location’s throughput can as much as double with a corresponding increase in revenue. The dryer features a top follower that operates on the same principle as a hovercraft. The back pressure of the air lets the follower float over the car, just inches from the surface. The system comes in a variety of configurations making it an easy fit into new or existing car wash bays. Options include a noise-reduction package and a customer-friendly countdown timer.

Contact • Ryko Manufacturing Company, 11600 NW 54 Ave., Grimes, IA 50111. (515) 986-3700. Fax: (515) 986-3621. E-mail: Website:

D&S Carwash Systems
High Ridge, Missouri

D&S offers attractive, powerful drying systems for self-service, full-service, and in-bay wash applications.

What’s New/Best Seller • Win-Dry, F-5 Series Dryers.

Advantages/Features • The new F-5 Series Dryers include the Win-Dry Freestanding Dryer system with three or five 15-hp, highly efficient producers. The system comes in an attractive fiberglass image package that can be custom designed to match any car wash. Win-Dry dryers are constructed of aluminum and feature safe, touch-free drying, and TEFC motors. The dryers are available in freestanding and exterior or interior wall-mount designs.

Installation • Installation is simple; all units come with diagrams and complete instructions in the operation manuals.

Customer/Operator Support • Nationwide network of distributors and a toll-free customer-assistance hotline is available for support.

Price • Available upon request.

Contact • D&S Carwash Systems, 4200 Brandi Lane, High Ridge, MO 63049. Toll free: (800) 844-3442. Fax: (636) 677-4105. E-mail: Website:

A-OK Equipment & Supply Company Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

A-OK Equipment & Supply Company manufactures a complete line of high-quality self-service and automatic touch-free car wash equipment. A-OK-equipped car washes are operating in all 50 states, as well as on virtually every continent in the world.

What’s New/Best Seller • The Dynadry High Profile Freestanding Dryer.

Advantages/Features • The Dynadry was designed to accommodate the high vehicle clearances offered by the Dynawash touch-free automatic. The Dynadry can accommodate both in-bay automatics and tunnel wash applications. Either 10- or 15-hp industrial motors drive the all stainless steel blowers. Multiple blower designs are available with as many as six blowers on one frame. Top- and side-oscillating blower options ensure excellent drying results. Available in 230/380- or 460-volt three phase, in 50- or 60-Hz operation. Includes motor starters and controls.

Customer/Operator Support • National distributor and service network and factory-direct service support is available.

Contact • A-OK Equipment & Supply Company Inc., 6031 Pillsbury Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55419. (612) 866-2555. Toll free: (800) 328-3783. Fax: (612) 866- 2562. E-mail: Website:

Oasis Car Wash Systems
Galena, Kansas

Oasis offers a full line of high-performance, low-maintenance wash and dry systems.

What’s New/Best Seller • The GaleForce Onboard and Stand Alone Drying Systems.

Advantages/Features • The new ST series is the latest addition to the GaleForce line of highly-intelligent on-board and stand-alone drying systems. The GaleForce is the only on-board dryer that operates via an independent drive. This unique feature prevents water from dripping onto the vehicle after it is dry. The stand-alone dryer is used when optimum output is mandatory. While one car is drying, the Oasis high-pressure automatic continues with the next vend, keeping the line moving at up to 40 cars per hour. The new ST stand-alone series offers excellent drying capabilities at an economical value. The unit comes with a two-year warranty.

Customer/Operator Support • Oasis provides superior customer service through a worldwide network of distributors, outstanding factory support, knowledgeable technicians, and minimal response time.

Contact • Oasis Car Wash Systems, 1909 East 12th Street, Galena, KS 66739. (620) 783-1355. Toll free: (800) 892-3537. Fax: (620) 783-5735. Website:

MacNeil Wash Systems Limited
Barrie, Ontario, Canada

MacNeil Wash Systems manufactures a complete line of quality car wash equipment for the tunnel car wash industry and for the automotive dealer, fleet, and rental markets. All dryers are touchless and keep a clean, open tunnel that provides a pleasant experience for customers.

What’s New/Best Sellers • Tech 21 Dryer.

Advantages/Features • The Tech 21 Drying System is fully customizable to meet the needs of each car wash, and to fit varying space requirements. The cone of each producer is engineered to provide concentrated, direct airflow for efficiency and superior drying results, and can easily be adjusted for optimal positioning without moving the housing. Both 10-hp and 15-hp dryers have the capability to follow the vehicle as it proceeds through the tunnel, allowing for greater drying time on the hard-to-dry areas like side mirrors and vehicle backs, eliminating the need for towel drying. Impellers are manufactured in-house to guarantee quality, dynamically balanced on two planes, and the entire inner housing is wrapped with expandable metal mesh for added safety. Each dryer is fastened with safety cable for additional security.

Customer/Operator Support • MacNeil distributes and supports its products through an international network of over 45 distributors. Distributors have extensive experience in the car wash industry and partner with operators to provide customized support and service throughout the entire life cycle of owning and operating a car wash.

Contact • MacNeil Wash Systems, 90 Welham Road, Barrie, Ontario, L4N 8Y4 Canada. (705) 722-7649. Toll free: (800) 361-7797. Fax: (705) 722-0582. E-mail: Website:

SONNY'S Enterprises Inc.
Tamarac, Florida

Beginning as an operator in 1949, SONNY’S The Car Wash Factory is now the largest manufacturer of conveyorized car wash equipment, parts, and supplies in the world.

What’s New/Best Seller • SONNY’S Gator™.

Advantages/Features • The Gator is available as a retrofit for existing SONNY’S blowers. The new system reduces dryer utility costs by up to 30 percent. Immediately after each car passes the dryer, a gate shoots down in front of the impeller eliminating air friction. This allows the motor to stay on, drawing minimal current and ramping up quicker after the gate opens for the next car, resulting in lower energy consumption.

Customer/Operator Support • SONNY’S Select Service Organization network is always on call, worldwide, for all installation, service, sales, support, and warranty needs.

Delivery/Installation • In stock and available for same-day shipping on orders placed before 4 p.m EST.

Contact • SONNY’S The Car Wash Factory, 5605 Hiatus Road, Tamarac, FL 33321. (954) 467 1203. Toll free: (800) 327-8723. Fax: (954) 779-2484. Website:

NS Wash Systems
Los Angeles, California

NS Wash Systems offers a full line of complete car wash systems and components.

What’s New/Best Seller • AirForce Slanted Frame Drying System.

Advantages/Features • The powerful AirForce Slanted Frame Touchless Air Drying System has become an instant hit, offering 10- or 15-hp producers options and multiple configurations. The slanted frame dryer maximizes effectiveness by combining physics and a high-powered punch to deliver the driest car possible. The forward-positioned top nozzle moves the water to the sides just in time for the side nozzles to move the water off of the vehicle, delivering more drying power per horsepower. Models can range from 30-hp stacked up to 120-plus-hp per arch configuration.

Customer/Operator Support • A worldwide service and distribution network.

Price • Price available upon request.

Contact • NS Wash Systems, 235 W. Florence Avenue, Inglewood, CA 90301. (310) 412-7074. Toll free: (800) 782-1582. Fax: (310) 673-0276. E-mail: Website:

A.V.W. Equipment Company Inc.
Chicago, Illinois

A.V.W. is the preferred supplier of tunnel equipment for the nation’s largest, most successful tunnel car wash operators. Known for simplicity and reliability in producing a consistently clean, dry vehicle at high volumes, A.V.W.’s innovations continue to drive development in wash equipment designs and conveyor systems.

What’s New/Best Seller • A.V.W.’s redesigned all-stainless steel 10- and 15-hp producers with modular stainless steel blower frames.

Advantages/Features • A.V.W. has redesigned the only modular all-stainless steel dryer in the industry to keep pace with the durability of its equipment. Versatile pivot mounts, detachable nozzles, and expandable/customizable blower frames all offer flexibility and provide custom blower solutions to each tunnel environment. There is no place onthe vehicle surface that the dryers can’t reach. Blower frames are height adjustable and expandable with additional cross members and drop-downs. A.V.W.’s “Penta Arch” provides a flexible single arch (used alone or in tandem) to mount blowers wherever they are needed in smaller, high-quality dryer systems.

Delivery/Installation • Stock parts can reach most anywhere in the continental United States and Canada the next day, either direct or through its distributors. Installation services are provided by local distributors or by referral to experienced installation teams.

Customer/Operator Support • Support is provided through a nation-wide network of experienced distributors. Parts and technical service can be obtained from local representatives or by contacting A.V.W. directly.

Contact • A.V.W. Equipment Company Inc., 105 S. 9th Ave., Maywood, IL 60153. (708) 343-7738. Fax: (708) 343-9065. E-mail: Website:

PDQ Manufacturing Inc.
De Pere, Wisconsin

PDQ Manufacturing Inc. provides superior quality, outstanding support, and is committed to providing products that contribute to its customers’ profitability.

What’s New/Best Seller • MaxAir™.

Advantages/Features • MaxAir dries vehicles better than ever, yet uses less energy than conventional dryers. Through its innovative design and blower configuration, the dryer delivers high-velocity air to the vehicle surface — where it is most important. The dryer is available in stand-alone (wall-mount or legs) and onboard configurations to accommodate any wash bay. The Basic 3 and Basic 4 onboard dryers with inline nozzle configurations offer an affordable alternative for operators looking to provide their customers with a value-added drying service.

Contact • PDQ Manufacturing Inc., 1698 Scheuring Road, De Pere, WI 54115. (920) 983-8333. Toll free: (800) 227-3373. Fax: (920) 983-8330. E-mail: Web site:

Hanna Car Wash Systems
Houston, Texas

Since 1960, Hanna has been a top supplier of car wash equipment, parts, and systems. Hanna has over 30,000 installations and an experienced distributor network to provide individual attention and service.

What’s New/Best Seller • The Concorde Drying System.

Advantages/Features • Hanna’s Concorde Series of air dryers provide the right combination of air speed and air pressure to move water quickly off of the vehicle surface. The dryers produce massive volumes of airflow through giant 8” nozzles. The result is a drying system that requires fewer blowers. Ask your Hanna representative about the latest innovations in progressive drying technology.

Customer/Operator Support • Hanna sells and services its products through a network of over 90 domestic and international distributors.

Price • Available upon request.

Contact • Hanna Car Wash Systems, A Division of Jim Coleman Company, 7901 Blankenship Drive, Houston, TX 77055. (713) 683-6615. Toll free: (866) 683-6615. Fax: (713) 590-6630. E-mail: Website:


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