Auto Laundry News - July 2013

Self-Serve Equipment

Clear Fold Door Inc.
Oakwood Village, Ohio

Clear Fold Door is celebrating 32 years of manufacturing its high-speed fully-automatic wind doors and related products for the full- and self-serve car wash industries. Clear Fold customizes all its products to suit individual customer’s requirements.

What’s New/Best Seller • Clear Fold Moveable Curtain Partitions.

Advantages/Features • The partitions are a low-cost alternative to costly permanent walls. Primarily used for containing unwanted elements from infiltrating other work environments, while providing an increased level of safety. The curtains are suitable for detail wash/wax bays, service bays, or wherever containment partitioning is required. The partitions also help contain overspray from high-pressure spray guns while also maintaining a comfortable work area. The heavy-duty galvanized tracking and roller system is available with various types of mounting brackets to suit user requirements. The retractable partitions allow for uninhibited vehicle/pedestrian movement while creating additional space.

Price • Pricing is available upon request.

Contact • Clear Fold Door Inc., 7703 First Place, Oakwood Village, OH 44146. (440) 735-1351. Fax (440) 735-1353. Website:

Switches Unlimited
Woodside, New York

Switches Unlimited has been a distributor of electro-automation controls for over 52 years. Representing over 40 manufacturers, the company specializes in motor controls, equipment design, upgrades, and component replacement.

What’s New/Best Seller • TURCK’s new long-range inductive proximity sensor.
Advantages/Features • The sensor uses FDA-rated materials for wash down applications. The Q42 is available in top-facing and front-facing models. It is designed to deliver optimal performance in applications that require frequent cleaning with chemicals found in food and beverage applications or where the sensor is exposed to wet environments, such as car washes or outdoor applications. 

Contact • Switches Unlimited, 34-11 56th St., Woodside, NY 11377. Toll free: (800) 221-0487. E-mail: Website:

Pantron Automation Inc.
Belmont, North Carolina

Pantron Automation Inc. offers high-quality photoelectric sensors for applications in the vehicle wash industry. Products include infrared photoelectric sensors, infrared amplifiers, multi-channel amplifiers, and inductive proximity switches.

What’s New/Best Seller • ISG-A124 Series With Built-in Diagnostics.

Advantages/Features • Pantron’s photoelectric sensors are designed to work in harsh environments including cold weather and extreme wash down applications. A long sensing range and wide-angled infrared beam make the photo eyes very easy to align and resistant to vibration. Quick-disconnect photo eyes and cables are available which allow easy replacement. Built-in diagnostic and alignment tools are standard features on all Pantron automatic infrared photoelectric amplifiers. Pantron systems are used in car, truck, bus, train, and large vehicle washes.

Customer/Operator Support • Free factory technical support and application assistance are available toll free.

Contact • Pantron Automation Inc. 109 Hubbard Street, Belmont, NC 28012. (704) 825-4965. Toll free: (800) 211-9468. Fax: (800) 293-7530. E-mail: Website:

Detroit Radiant Products Company
Warren, Michigan

As a manufacturer of gas fired infrared heating equipment, Detroit Radiant Products Company offers an exclusive line of Re-Verber-Ray® brand high- and low-intensity radiant heaters for commercial, industrial, agricultural, and residential heating applications.

What’s News/Best Seller • Re-Verber-Ray HL-SS Dual Stage Stainless Steel Infrared Tube Heater.

Advantages/Features • Radiant heat energy produced by an infrared heater is passed directly to people or objects in the space. Very little heat is lost during transmission because air is not directly heated. The energy-saving quality of infrared heating can be applied in many wet, contaminated, or harsh environments. Combined with two-stage technology, comfort levels in the space will increase while annual fuel consumption and greenhouse gas production are reduced. The Re-Verber-Ray tube heater offers the latest in technology, durability, and performance. Components are totally enclosed in a moisture resistant, silicone-sealed, control housing with watertight electrical attachments.

Service/Installation • A unique interlocking tube design saves on labor and eases installation. The unit operates on natural or LP gas. Units are durable and require minimal maintenance. Quality components ensure a long lifecycle.

Contact • Detroit Radiant Products Company, 21400 Hoover Road, Warren, MI 48089. Toll free: (800) 222-1100. Fax: (586) 756-2626. E-mail: Website:

Belanger Inc.
Northville, Michigan

Founded in 1969, Belanger Inc. is a full-line car wash manufacturer. Its equipment maximizes wash bay Profit-Per-FootSM through a smartly optimized combination of high-performance wash results, low maintenance costs, system longevity, and unparalleled customer appeal.

What’s New/Best Seller • Belanger’s Wind Door™.

Advantages/Features • Belanger’s Wind Door features heavy-gauge vinyl flaps that form a weather-tight seal to protect a bay against the elements. During cold weather, this helps keep warm air in, preventing equipment freeze-ups and costly potential downtime. The door’s aircraft-grade aluminum frame, zero-maintenance UHMW rollers, and leaded cloth hem ensure reliable year-round operation. To provide the most installation options, a limit switch, photo eyes, or controller tie-in may activate the door.

Service/Installation • Business planning and complete system training are offered. Extensive local distributor network and a technical support and aftermarket parts team are available.

Contact • Belanger Inc., 1001 Doheny Court, Northville, MI 48167. (248) 349-7010. Toll free: (866) 488-6635. Fax: (248) 349-2309. E-mail: Website:

Telco Sensors
Charlotte, NC

Telco Sensors has been supplying reliable and hard-working optical sensor solutions used in automatic vehicle wash systems and car wash doors for over 30 years.

What’s New/Best Seller • The PA Series.

Advantages/Features • The PA Series remote sensor and amplifier system is a rugged, high performance photoelectric sensor system. It features extreme penetration power to shoot through ice, fog, and high-pressure water spray; IP67 water-tight construction; 100,000 lux light immunity against direct sunlight; and an industry leading warranty.

Customer/Operator Support • Sensors are available from a nationwide network of distributors.

Contact • Telco Sensors, 1456 Center Park Dr., Charlotte, NC 28217. Toll free: (800) 253-0111. E-mail: Website:

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