Auto Laundry News - December 2012

Computer Systems

Auto Data Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia

Auto Data has supplied POS software and computer systems to the car care industry for over 28 years. Complete cash control, customer history, and inventory control capabilities are built right into the basic POS package.

What’s New/Best Seller • CashTrackerSM, Tunnel Logic,® and IncomeMax.

Advantages/Features • CashTracker software is specifically designed for the express wash concept. Tunnel Logic is a state of the art PLC-based tunnel controller featuring Schneider Electric’s M340. CashTracker offers specific express car wash sales and cash reporting, and features robust two-way communications with Hamilton’s HTK auto cashier.

Tunnel Logic is programmable via a Windows graphical user interface. Anyone can program the PLC — no user manual is required. It delivers mission critical reliability without the dependency of a regular computer. A touchscreen station comes standard for the tunnel entry, which is also easily programmable via a Windows computer.

Customer/Operator Support • Tunnel Logic includes a 1-year warranty on parts and labor as well as toll-free technical support. POS software support and updates vary based on the options chosen.

Price • Available upon request.

Contact • Auto Data Inc., 5825 Glenridge Dr. NE, Bldg. 1, Ste.100, Atlanta, GA 30328. Toll free: (800) 767-7580. Fax: (404) 256-5654. E-mail: Website:

Micrologic Associates
Randolph, New Jersey

Micrologic Associates is a leader in the sale, installation, service, and support of point-of-sale systems, controllers, and auto payment machines for car wash and quick lube facilities. The company provides easy-to-use solutions ranging from wireless hand-held devices, conventional touchscreen point-of-sale computers, and controllers tailored to a wash’s specific requirements.

What’s New/Best Seller • Logic POS.

Advantages/Features • Logic POS provides cash management, instant credit clearing (to any processor), labor management, VIP/fleet management, customer tracking, as well as an unlimited wash program with credit card on file in the base software package. The system can interface with most tunnel controllers and can replicate the data from multiple sites for consolidated reporting and transferring of customer information. From any Internet browser, owners/operators can view live data, run reports, check timecard activity, and modify services.

Customer/Operator Support • A variety of support programs ensure maximum performance and longevity.

Contact • Micrologic Associates, 111 Canfield Avenue, Randolph, NJ 07869. (973) 598-0808. Fax: (973) 598-8969.

Carolina Pride Carwash Inc.
Roxboro, North Carolina

Carolina Pride Carwash has been providing self-serve car wash operators throughout the nation with quality
systems for over 40 years.

What’s New/Best Seller • Mercury Carwash Payment System.

Advantages/Features • Track and manage fleet accounts remotely, e-mail fleet accounts special end-of-day messages, and generate additional revenue. The system tracks revenue per bay/vacuum by coins, dollar bills, credit cards, and fleet cards. The unit can notify fleet accounts when their balance is low, get current activity reports online, accept major credit cards, and combine single customer purchases into one transaction.

Customer/Operator Support • The Mercury Carwash Payment System gives customers multiple payment options, making the wash experience more convenient. Customers can use whatever currency they have in their pocket and don’t have to worry about making change or buying tokens. Gift and fleet cards can be integrated into the Givex system for use with participating sites. The system is especially useful for multi-site operators — cards can be customized with the wash’s name.

Price • Request a quote online at or call toll free.

Contact • Carolina Pride Carwash Inc., 417 S. Madison Blvd., P.O. Box 488, Roxboro, NC 27573. Toll free: (800) 421 5119. Fax: (336) 597-5113. E-mail: Website:

WashCard Systems
Lino Lakes, Minnesota

WashCard Systems helps owners of car wash locations to link multiple locations together, simplify marketing multiple services, and provide credit card acceptance for cash-only services.

What’s New/Best Seller • Washpass Monthly Wash Club (RFID).

Advantages/Features • The WashCard System can be integrated across multiple locations, multiple services, and multiple equipment manufacturers. Used in both new construction and retrofit projects, WashCard provides a complete solution for owners that are looking to simplify their marketing efforts through a single unified customer loyalty program. The web-based product gives the option to sell washes through a website, target fleet business, engage charity groups through fundraisers, and turn rainy days into pay days with monthly wash subscriptions.

Price • Basic systems start at $3,000, plus $1,895 per service. Additional options are available and can be discussed by contacting the sales staff or a local WashCard distributor.

Contact • WashCard Systems, 2289 E Cedar Street, Suite 104A, Lino Lakes, MN 55038. Toll free: (888) 439-5740 x100. E-mail: Website:

Elkridge, Maryland

Unitec develops and manufactures automatic payment stations for unattended car washes. Its technology enables car washes to run 24/7, helping owners increase revenue and improve their marketing at the same time. Unitec’s line of reliable products include the Sentinel, Portal TI, C-Start, Wash Select II, Wash Select II POS, WashPay, and EZ Trak.

What’s New/Best Seller • C-Start cashless payment system.

Advantages/Features • C-Start is a cashless unit which was developed specifically for the C-Store sector to help businesses grow and maximize opportunities to boost revenue. C-Start is ideal for the business owner who wants to streamline payment processes while offering comprehensive customer loyalty and marketing programs.

Contact • Unitec, 7125 Troy Hill Drive, Elkridge, MD 21075. (443) 561-1200. Fax: (410) 579-6825. Website:

Innovative Control Systems Inc.
Wind Gap, Pennsylvania

ICS is a leading provider of hardware and software solutions for the car wash industry. The company is dedicated to helping operators build successful businesses through advanced products and management solutions.

What’s New/Best Seller • BusinessPro™ Point-of-Sale.

Advantages/Features • The POS business suite features: advanced POS, create service packages, fleet programs, or price and time-sensitive promotions; labor management, tools to maximize labor performance; salesman performance, track individual performance and commissions towards targeted revenue per car; loyalty programs, customer tracking and clubs; and economical solution, scalable systems with proven reliability at a low entry cost.

Contact • Innovative Control Systems Inc., 1349 Jacobsburg Road, Wind Gap, PA 18091. (610) 881-8000. Toll free: (800) 642-9396. E-mail: Website:

AutoPilot Carwash Control Systems
Tamarac, Florida

AutoPilot, a division of Sonny’s Enterprises Inc., is a cloud-based car wash point-of-sale, entry system and controller for car wash equipment.

What’s New/Best Seller • ProfitPilot Point-Of-Sale System (POS) and WashPilot.

Advantages/Features • Both products are easy to setup and use. Customers have their own ProfitPilot website that contains all of their sales data. The website is available from any Internet connected device. The WashPilot can also be connected to remotely, allowing an owner or manager to program and manage the wash even when they are off site. The company’s servers were recently moved in-house. The new hardware is a major upgrade over the previous equipment. The change, along with continuous software improvements, brought better stability and faster speeds to customers’ websites.

Customer/Operator Support • Free technical support is available toll-free 24/7.

Price • $2,500 for the POS system. Tunnel controllers start at $6,200.

Contact • AutoPilot Carwash Control Systems, 5605 Hiatus Road, Tamarac, FL 33321. Toll free: (800) 876-3900. Fax: (954) 724-4288. E-mail: Website:

IDX Inc.
El Dorado, Arkansas

IDX manufactures electronic devices that solve problems for different industries including car wash, vending, laundry, and industrial controls.

What’s New/Best Seller • SCADA Wash™ controls and wireless telemetry; GT 200 small display timer with field adjustable LED brightness controls; smart credit card readers for RFID and contact cards.

Advantages/Features • SCADA Wash tracks data for self-service and automatic owners. It can gather data from bays, vacuums, heaters, air compressors, water pressure, motor status, and more. The system can keep track of all the money at a car wash and numbers can be accessed remotely. The GT 200 has been designed to be field replaceable with a lower cost. Standard features include: field adjustable LED brightness; larger messaging; two-time select; 3-amp relay output; and count up/count down for credit card systems. The updated N1 smart credit card solution puts mobile payment acceptance at a wash, and the owner still can select his merchant account provider.

Customer/Operator Support • Support is available through any of the 150 IDX worldwide distributors or toll free from 7:30 a.m. CST to 5:30 p.m. CST Monday through Friday.

Price • Pricing is available through any IDX authorized distributor, OEM, or on the company’s website. Contact • IDX Inc., 400 West Cedar St, El Dorado, AR 71730. Toll free: (800) 643-1109. E-mail: Website:

Integrated Services Inc.
Portland, Oregon

Integrated Services Inc. (ISI) is the maker of LubeSoft® and WashSoft® — leading point-of-sale software systems for the fast lube and car wash industries. On-site installation, training, and a high level of customer service are included with purchase.
What’s New/Best Seller • webCentral.®

Advantages/Features • webCentral is the web portal to a secure, hosted warehouse of LubeSoft data. It manages the collection of near real-time and nightly data allowing the operator to transform store data into a variety of meaningful reports. With real-time stats designed specifically for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, owners can manage their operations from anywhere.

Customer/Operator Support • ISI technical support is available over 100 hours a week.

Price • Available upon request.

Contact • Integrated Services Inc. (ISI), 15115 SW Sequoia Parkway, Suite 110, Portland, OR 97224. Toll free: (800) 922-3099. Fax: (503) 968-9100. E-mail: Website:

WashGear Grand
Junction, Colorado

WashGear manufactures credit card systems for the self serve and automatic car wash industries.

What’s New/Best Seller • The CardMate Car Wash Activation System.

Advantages/Features • The CardMate Car Wash Activation System comes in three models: self-serve, Hamilton (retrofit kit), and Unitec (retrofit kit). CardWorks software is PCI and PA-DSS compliant. The system provides instant credit card authorization and fleet and gift card management all in one package. The terminals support all major credit cards and WashGear fleet and gift cards.

Customer/Operator Support • Nationwide distributor network and toll-free support.

Contact • WashGear LLC, P.O. Box 1466, Grand Junction, CO 81502. Toll free: (888) 827-9473. Website:

eGenuity LLC
Monroe, Indiana

eGenuity’s POS offers a fully-integrated system for the car wash (ezWash) and fast lube (eLube) markets. Features include gift cards, loyalty programs, subscription programs with automatic recharge, remote access, web access, vehicle tracking, customer tracking, fleet tracking, RFID, and self-service kiosks. eGenuity covers every aspect of the wash and lube business.

What’s New/Best Seller • ezTrax Management App – manage the entire business via a smartphone.

Advantages/Features • Complete solution for wash, lube, and multi-store chains.

Customer/Operator Support • eGenuity offers support seven days a week. Updates are included at no extra cost.

Price • Affordable pricing available upon request.

Contact • eGenuity LLC, 134 East Jackson Street, Monroe, IN 46772. Toll free: (800) 296-0177. E-mail: Website:

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