Aqua Bio Technologies LLC has announced that Now Mart, a c-store, gas, and car wash operation in New Hope, MN, is the first vehicle wash in the state to use the combination of recycled used wash water and rain water to wash vehicles. Aqua Bio installed its Bio Complete 15000 water restoration system and Pro Rain water harvest system at the wash. The Bio Complete system removes used chemicals from the water, allowing it to be reused in 90 percent to 95 percent of the wash. Pro Rain collects rainwater from a roof and/or paved lot and uses a vortex separation unit to remove solids.

"A busy car wash can guzzle more than 4 million gallons of water a year, but by implementing an Aqua Bio system, we'll save millions of gallons of water annually,” said Chris Robbins, owner of Now Mart. “Our goal is to avoid using city water for most months of the year," he added.

"We are incredibly proud to have our first-of-a-kind system at Now Mart in Minnesota, and we hope to provide many more as vehicle wash owners look for ways to protect the environment by drastically reducing their dependence on city water and sewer," said John P. Gibney, vice president and general manager of Aqua Bio.

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