Industrial Specialties Mfg., (ISM) manufactures Custom Fittings for both assemblies and orifices. New upgrades in technology, have simplified the ISM processes allowing for the company to provide quick production turn-around and delivery. Orifices control flow and speed of the air or liquid, which passes through the fitting. Custom orifices are beneficial to many engineers and OEM’s, allowing them to design a product using standard-size fittings without having to compromise on proper flow objectives. Commonly inserted orifices include: ruby, sapphire, brass, stainless steel, polysulfone, and polycarbonate.

Industrial Specialties Mfg.,

4091 So. Eliot St.,

Englewood, CO 80110. (303) 781-8486.

Toll free: (800) 781-8487.

E-mail: sales@industrialspec.com.

Website: www.industrialspec.com.

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