After a two-year hiatus, and thanks to a very generous benefactor, master automotive and aircraft detailer Renny Doyle of Detailing Success returns to Seattle’s Museum of Flight in July this year with a smaller but more streamlined Air Force One Detailing Team to continue the preservation of the first presidential jet Air Force One. Also on the agenda is the equally historic WWII B-29 Super Fortress Bomber.

This is the 18th year Doyle and his team have taken on the role as caretakers of the famous presidential plane and the notable B29 Bomber. The slimmed-down team of 20 will tackle only two of the more than15 historic aircraft they have been restoring and preserving over the past decade. However, Doyle said he is grateful for the opportunity to be working on the two celebrated airplanes after having to skip last year due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

While Air Force One is on display inside the open-air Aviation Pavilion, it is still exposed to moisture and Seattle’s cold winter weather conditions. Doyle said every year when they come to work on it, the paint has begun to show signs of weathering and the brightwork has begun to dull, even though they use a one-year protective coating to tide it over until the next year.

Doyle stressed the importance of the highly professional-grade products and equipment the team uses on the two planes, some of which were developed specifically for the needs of this project.  



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